The Corporatocracy Purges

The purge-friendly argument that “private corporations can ban or restrict access to whomever they like” loses its moral leverage when every multinational corporation bans the same dissident voices. In effect, what this situation resembles is a giant world government actively censoring speech.

My belief now, as we watch a massive totalitarian purge of crimethinkers roll out with curious efficiency and coordination between the State and its Corporate hitmen, is that Trump has two urgent tasks that supersede all other considerations:

1. Trust-bust Silicon Valley tech oligarchs and the huge media conglomerates
2. Build the Wall

Everything else on the Trump agenda needs to take a back seat to these two items. The first will prevent the subjugation and silencing of a large swath of the American citizenry, and the second will provide the symbolism of inevitable victory that will chasten the inhuman Left and prevent a Civil War II.

The events of the past week reveal the depth of fear gripping the Globohomoists. They could feel the heat coming on from the maul-right and assorted realtalkers. They knew their house of cards was about to fall down, that their decades-old manicured lies that propped up their power were set to be exposed and torched. So they played their last hand: the Great Purge. Will it work out for them like it did for the Soviets back in 1938?

Will it buy the Globohomoists another fifty years of plutocratic rule? Or will Truth and Beauty triumph over the Lords of Lies?

The Chateau, as usual, remains open…for now, its warm window-framed light beckoning wayward travelers navigating a very dark and foreboding wood.

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  1. Well, that’s anarcho tyranny.

    It’s time to think about the police and reporters.

    The police did not acquit themselves well at Charlottesville.

    Elle Reeve, induced her husband, her HUSBAND*, to lie about imaginary war crimes to promote her career. He’s still locked up for conspiring with her.

    Do not speak to the police. Do not cooperate with the police. Of course, police actions against those who aren’t us are usually justified. Not all police officers are bad, many are simply following evil orders, and unlike the subhumans of BLM, we have no reason to engage in actions against the police.

    As for Elle Reeve?

    Do not speak to Elle Reeve. Do not cooperate with Elle Reeve.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 9:30 am Carlos Danger

      They live among us.


    • Ted was right


      Back before the internet, nobody would listen to the forerunners of the alt-right, so Ted made them listen

      The left literally wants more bombings by attempting to silence the alt-right

      We must now decide whether we hasten the fall of civilization, as Ted recommended, or retreat to enclaves and await its collapse, as Ayn & Neoreaction recommend.

      I’ve already set in motion my own “go Gault” option.

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    • re Bannon’s departure. My gut reaction is that It was too smooth and planned to be a mistake or some issue.

      I think the play here is to put Bannon back in the media world, and continue the same fight, the same agenda from another flank.

      Been sayin’ it for a while now, Breitbart, although not perfect, needs more and more exposure and reach. Especially into cable/TV news.

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      • Yeah but Breitbart embarrassed themselves with the Lukas Podolski fake picture. Fake news like that let’s us all down.


    • can not read the 465 comments, this may have been mentioned…today saturday august 19 2017 leftists ” counter protesters” are throwing bottles full of urine at the police in Boston at the free speech march.

      some of those leftists are carrying large sticks with nails at the end. they use those to attack the police’s horses.

      many who are on site say there are at least 30,000 leftists which is more than 10 times how many were at Charlottesville.

      things are getting serious.

      the left is getting more audacious and more violent, this will end in a civil war no matter what is done.

      If Trump does nothing, the left will go too far and people will eventually starts shooting each other = things will degenerate into civil war.

      If Trump sends the national guard, the left will only become more angry and violent = it will degenerate into a civil war

      If I was to bet money I would say odds of a civil war are at 95 % of happening.

      they are destroying monuments and will demand more and more, then it will be schools, then it will be streets names, then they will start burning the house of whites who’s ancestors owned ( or may have owned ) slaves

      then they will burn the house of people who have the same last names as slave owners of 200 years ago.

      this will degenerate into civil war.

      the left is demented and super well financed by evil “Sorosian” people

      civil war is coming.

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      • they are destroying monuments and will demand more and more, then it will be schools, then it will be streets names, then they will start burning the house of whites who’s ancestors owned ( or may have owned ) slaves

        Reparations first.


      • I don’t know what the fuck is going on any more.

        Trump just praised the hordes of leftist thugs marching under Mexican banners for fighting against bigotry and hate, and working to bring everyone together.

        This is going to get bad. Really, really bad.

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      • “Trump just praised the hordes of leftist thugs marching under Mexican banners for fighting against bigotry and hate, and working to bring everyone together.”

        read Art of War and Art of the Deal.

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      • There isn’t going to be any war. For there to be a war. there needs to be some semblance of a balance of power.

        The left has no power when it comes to force. They would be crushed.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 10:08 pm Alt Right Footsoldier

        Ironsides are you autistic? Trump is taking the piss out of them.


      • Nah, just “posting when exhausted.” Never a good idea.


      • They will almost certainly demand more. I like exposing their position in a reduction to the ridiculous. I always open with, “I think it’s dangerous to hold historical figures to modern day social mores.”

        Libtard usually responds with, “Of course. You’re a Nazi…”

        I ask them if they are in favor of equal rights for everyone including LGBT rights or if their concerns are specific to race. They always answer they are in favor of equality for everyone.

        I then tell them, “You must really hate MLK.”

        They’re aghast. “Why?”

        “Because he opposed gay marriage. He was a black Pastor who accepted Bayard Rustin’s resignation after stating that he could only handle one ‘queer’ at a time. Both of his daughter’s have openly stated that MLK did not take a bullet for the LGBT community. According to your position, we should start ripping down his statues.”

        Libtard starts stuttering. Then, I hit them with, “And you must REALLY hate Gandhi. Have you read what he has to say about black people after spending time in S. Africa?”

        Witness meltdown. Laugh. Enjoy.


    • That Elle Reeve video made my hair (what’s left of it) stand on end. Muscular White men chanting ‘blood and soil’ and ‘jews won’t replace us’. My God, may they grow and prosper.

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    • elle reeve and her husband remind me of anne frank and her father. but that’s ancient history


  2. on August 17, 2017 at 10:37 pm Carlos Danger

    I just come here to sip tea and learn new recipes


  3. on August 17, 2017 at 10:42 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    The blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like is now dark and is said to be going invite-only. Daily Stormer is gone. YouTube has “de-monetized” videos from various conservatives like Paul Joseph Watson. Rebel Media fired a vlogger because she was a guest on a Daily Stormer podcast.

    OKCupid even bragged about throwing a white nationalist off their site (to people’s credit, there were a lot of complaints about their hypocrisy on their FB page). Deezer, Spotify, and CD Baby are purging their sites of “Nazi” music.

    In short, this has become a moral panic. Corporations are scared of being the target of antifa, BLM and the media, so they’re throwing everyone overboard.

    I hope this blog has a contingency plan should WordPress ever decide to do a purge. It would be good if the archives were put on Pirate Bay so everyone could download them.

    As for the “corporations can do what they want” crowd, they’d be singing a different tune if it was Hillary supporters getting de-platformed or thrown off PayPal.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 2:41 am Diversity Heretic

      I’m getting a message that Andy Nowicki’s and Colin Liddell’s Alternative right website has been suppressed. The heretics are being hunted down and the witches will be burned.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 3:23 am Days of Broken Arrows

        It was on Blogger and yes, it’s gone. You can see the final posts in the Google cache. Google owns Blogger, so I guess they removed it or somehow forced them to take it down.

        This is both idiotic and stupid. It’s idiotic, because Google has potentially ruined its brand. Somewhere, there is a young guy who is inventing an alternative and it will eventually be Facebook to their MySpace. But it’s also stupid because Trump already won, so what is their point. If they really wanted to be effective, they should have done this before the election.

        As with Milo and his aborted college lectures, these bannings will just create more free speech martyrs and force old school liberals to defend the “disappeared.”

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      • That says it well enough to be worth quoting:

        “The plan appears to be to go right ahead with massive repression as if Hillary was president. …

        Looks like Spencer and Charlottesville had nothing to do with it. They just happened to be in the line of fire when Democracy Spring started to roll. …

        This was always about Trump. Going after Trump through the Russians was not working, so now they are going after him through their real target, the right.”

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    • The funniest one was the Tor project tweeting their disgust at the White Nationalists using their service. The platform said fuck all about the Paedos, drug dealers, hitmen, terrorists, human traffickers, slavers and all other sorts but found the time to virtue signal against the White nationalists using their service.

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  4. I worked for Globohomo
    I wasn’t sure what to do;
    I compromised and conformed myself
    To the ideals of the Jew.

    My kids they watched on you tube
    A table full of toys;
    The teacher taught their class how guys
    Were girls, and girls were boys.

    How the old Lord’s every ‘Yea’ now
    Was nought, and how was nigh
    The triumph of specious science
    On a rainbow in the sky.

    The mayor pried down Jackson, Davis,
    And Jefferson was next:
    The White fathers set upon black kangz
    An ancient awful hex,

    And the only cure to be had
    Was Whitey’s acceptance in their butts,
    And their daughters’ shitting out a
    Gaggle of nappy mutts.

    Oh our secret hearts are heavy
    And the days draw dim and dire
    But the kindling’s all set out now
    For the dawn of holy fire.

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  5. This is all they have left. While it is pretty spooky, it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. We’ll be back stronger than ever.

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    • 1. cause a storm
      2. wait it out
      3. cause another
      4. wait it out
      5. cause a storm
      6. profit

      we can’t talk anymore, ok. bring it on. we’re better at it.

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  6. on August 17, 2017 at 10:58 pm The Spirit Within

    Remember baggers: hate speech is not free apeech.

    And since it’s not the government censoring your bigotry, but privately owned entities (corportions, or as you baggers call them, job creators) who are doing it, there are no First Amendment violations here.

    I shall fest on the ters of the wek whye scremers as I bask in the glory of Drunk Uncle’s impeachment while a true patriot like John McCain or Marco Rubio assume the Presidency to bring us comprehensive immigrtion reform.

    Karma is a big bitch, baggers!


    • It’s baaaaaaaaaaack.

      Or a satirical copy of it. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to tell the genuine article from a mockery.

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    • Remember, stupid baggers,
      Free Speech just aint’ nice:
      Man’s mind should play only
      With Jew-loaded dice.

      It’s only poor Sillycon Valley
      Shuts your stale bigotry,
      So choke your poor pale tears on
      My silicone strap-on tree:

      Oh, I bask in your impalement
      As I toss back my witchy mane:
      Have you not found my trolling witty,
      Doesn’t it make you go insane?

      I’m a true patriot, and quite harmless;
      Why I wouldn’t brush a fly:
      Ask my court-appointed physician
      If you have the gall to try:

      So if you’re feeling lonesome
      And the road before’s too long,
      Just pull on into Strappy’s
      And hear my siren song.

      The room is nice and cozy,
      Don’t mind Mom, she’s a bit dour;
      I’ll paint my lips quite rosy
      While you hop inside the shower . . . .

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    • Heel to ground, western spy!


      • Yes. Kurwa tak. Rise brethren, we will liberate the western EU hômôcaliphate from the Dark Age of cuckoldry and self loathing.


    • TSW – the white privilege concept, technically, is hate speech. It’s racist, bigoted, prejudiced, hypocritical, and contempt-filled, towards the so-called victim classes it promotes. The white privilege concept is about assigning culpability. But the culpability exploration is limited to groups outside the so-called victim classes. But who is categorically free from culpability? Those that are too stupid or flawed in some way, ….. those who are categorlcally without self-agency – as such non-humans I suppose.

      You are fooling no one. The Jewish Retards that have guided your thinking are fooling no one. But perhaps you are culpable and complicit with respect to this charade of fooling yourself? Why have you chosen this complicity? What is your true motive? What to do you have to gain with respect to this sick game you are playing?

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 8:39 am long dong silver

      Hate speech is protected speech. Only “fighting words” are unprotected. So long as the speech is not calculated to incite a panic and call others to violence, it is protected speech. The “hate speech is not free speech” troupe is the bumper sticker ignorance of virtue signalling swpls instead of critical, independent thought. Funny how pornography is just fine. No corporate purges of rank obscenity. It’s also ok for the same companies who purge alt right viewpoints to do business with brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia and China. But question the marxist view of history and social justice as an American, and you’re out on your ass. Hypocrites!


      • TSW, further down in the comments here, is promoting the idea of white democide. That is technically hate speech. TSW is backstopping the hateful white democide idea, by way of the twisted illogical so-called logic of the ‘white privilege’ concept. As such ‘white privilege’ is within the constellation of hate speech, and nevertheless, is also racist, bigoted, prejudiced, hypocritical, and contempt-filled, towards the so-called victim classes it promotes.

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    • lol @ this trolling…”true patriot John McCain” lolol

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    • tea bagging: sucking testicles lowered into the mouth; a slur against the tea party political movement

      you reveal your degeneracy

      trump was the compromise offer

      may you reap what you sow

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 5:15 pm The Philosopher

      Hahahaha. This is a good laugh.


    • Like

    • This guy writes like a loser.


  7. It is way past time to impose common carrier status on social media, just like on the telephone companies (which are not allowed to control what is said by their customers or to cut off their customers, even if the phone companies hate the customers or what they are saying).

    The regulation would be that social media can be a service provider or a content provider: pick one.

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    • As Styxhex says, it’s time for a “digital 1st Amendment”. He’s crazy on some things, but I’d have to agree with that.

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    • This is the elegant morally and legally justifiable answer. No need to wade into the incoherent pool of US antitrust law.

      What globohomo has done is not morally justifiable, and in the US, it is not legally justifiable (contrary to the profound insights of our resident legal scholar, TSW).

      How did we get here? 70 years ago, we let Teddy Adorno and his ilk infiltrate our institutions and start taking control of our language and subverting over three thousand years of moral philosophy.

      Let’s not do that again.

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      • Exactly, I dont get all that moral justification. It is only BS how they sell the genocide to Whites. The result of decades long conditioning of Whites by the cucked subverted Vatican.

        Have you ever seen dindu doin charity? Rich arab countries taking refugees to shelter , feed and educate them for free? Chinese tearing down their memorials? There was war in Ukraine, just next door. But hundreds thousands of ukro White refugees are booted from EU, under the excuse of not having valid work permits. Justify that.

        Its war time. The only moral philosophy we have is to crush the enemy completely or perish.


  8. “Will it buy the Globohomoists another fifty years of plutocratic rule?”

    Unless they have a legitimate replacement for oil, not a chance. Maybe they do and want to wring the last shekel out of the ground before they introduce it? Maybe LENR IS a thing? Who knows, but 50 years of the current “status quo”. No way.


    • Chinese genetic engineering of children is going to settle the race war in the new race’s favor. Give it 10 years tops…15 before they are en masse producing nordic babies with chinese sensibilities (aka no empathy and xenophobia).

      The globalists will not be able to compete against what will be a true master race.


      • I love that you recognize that the Chinese will produce Nordic babies if given the opportunity.

        Everybody want to be White, but we’re not allowed to say it.

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      • on August 19, 2017 at 4:04 pm Original American

        You mean like southern white Americans already are. Scottish descendents essentially, half English and Irish.


  9. A+ article, Göd bless you!


  10. Gotta add REPEALING OBAMACARE to the list.


  11. Things to do.
    End internet political censorship.
    End public funding to universities that run commissar campuses.
    Build the wall.
    Break up media monopolies.
    End aid to Israel.
    Deport the illegals and the muslim refugees brought in as a parting gift by Obama.
    End the fed.
    Accelerate the return of jobs.

    It’s a lot and if Trump still builds a wall and continues deporting illegals that will be great but if the internet, media and campus situations are not dealt with the nightmare will go on.

    As for Israel and the Fed Trump would be killed if he dealt with those.

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    • The US must take control of its money! It is paramountl

      Money must work for the people and not for some tiny ultra rich clique of world-devouring bankers.


      • it’s an old inbred autistic Germanic tribe/mafia trying to wrest control of the world. sassy and opinionated put out a long video tracing lineages and what he believes is the real holders of power.


  12. on August 18, 2017 at 2:32 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    You have the cover of being life style men’s issues magazine. But even then…


  13. Corporations are replacing churches as America’s conscience. Time to trust-bust them!


    • In a sane world, the disaster of Iraq would have completely destroyed the reputation of all its cheerleaders (Kristol being one of the biggest).

      However, being a member of the tribe that owns the media or being their shabbos goy means never losing your “serious person” credentials no matter how utterly fucking incompetent you are.

      It’s totally unsustainable in the long term but how long is the long term?

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      • “…but how long is the long term?”

        It is about to end soon. The Jewish rule over the US and the world is collapsing. There is cracking and creaking everywhere, the house is coming down. Trump as a politician will be judged whether he was able

        – to unify the deeply divided US
        – to prevent a blood shed with millions of dead
        – to prevent WWIII

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:47 am long dong silver

        First there is greed.
        Then sexual liberation.
        Know where are we in this progression against moral order?


      • Agreed. How can (((Bill Kristol))) keep talkkng about current events without any self awareness? I guess self awareness isn’t the tribe’s steong point. The good news is few people listen to him anymore.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 2:14 pm Captain Obvious

        “How can (((Bill Kristol))) keep talkkng about current events without any self awareness?

        The jews are genetic psychopaths. It’s in their DNA.

        You’re “projecting”, onto them, all of your honesty & decency & nobility of purpose & fealty to Truth.

        And assuming [without even realizing that you’ve made the assumption] that jews experience emotions like shame & embarrassment & regret/dishonor & humiliation & whatnot.

        Jews are like fire ants. Or cockroaches. Or africanized honey bees.

        This is all Darwinistic to them.

        The biology is the culture, and Cultural Wars are Biological Wars.

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      • Mika to me represents clearly the elite class.
        Everyday she is shocked about Trump yet her own father armed Al Qaeda in Afghan and helped them launch their platform which blewback on 9/11.
        Yet here she is on tv every day holier than thou.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 6:48 am The Spirit Within

      Bill Kristol is one of the few conservatives that I respect.

      Tucker “KKK” Carlson needs to be taken off the air.


  14. on August 18, 2017 at 5:54 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Has anyone seen that Vice video that’s now making national news? I don’t want to post a link, but you can find it by searching: Vice News Just Released Chilling, Must-Watch Footage From Behind Charlottesville’s Battle Lines.

    Why did these people talk to a reporter — especially a Millennial female one. Didn’t Vox Day warn against talking to the press unless you have a specific item you want to promote? The way this was stitched together — replete with ominous music as a backdrop — is sure to make all the corporations that clamped down already come down harder.

    I don’t even know what to say about this. On the one hand, it’s good to see men brave enough to air their views. On the other, why would they do it inside Vice Media’s contrived “frame?” Make you own media, people.


  15. It does not help your cause to claim bizarre “GloboHomo” conspiracies.


    • on August 18, 2017 at 8:49 am long dong silver

      Usury and sodomy in same picture!

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 10:00 am Carlos Danger

        Human centipede for all of eternity


      • Usury and sodomy
        Live together in perfect harmony
        Side by side on the
        Inc. board
        No place to flee…

        — Paul McCartney feat: Dante


      • on August 20, 2017 at 6:03 pm long dong silver

        With attribution and props to scanman and carlos danger:

        (To the tune of ebony and ivory):
        Usury and Sodomy
        Get together to ruin your country
        Just try to resist it
        And we’ll take away the jobs and leave
        [Verse 1]
        We all know that people need jobs everywhere you go
        No good or bad so don’t judge anyone
        Pay high interest to live, gay wedding you must give
        Or we’ll send the ceo to shut you down
        And ruin your town
        Usury and Sodomy
        Next you’ll have to deal with Trannies
        Hand over your paycheck
        Shut up and pay the late fees
        Usury, Sodomy
        Ninth circle of hell is where you’ll be
        Usury, Sodomy, oooh
        [Verse 2]
        We all know that corporations
        rule over people wherever you go
        They make the laws for everyone
        So learn to live
        On fifteen dollars an hour
        No wife and family for you, don’t blame you know who
        If you want to survive and remain alive
        Usury and Sodomy
        Forever the human centipede
        Side by side on the
        Inc. board
        No place to flee…
        Side by side on the
        Inc. board
        No place to flee…
        [Repeat to fade]
        Usury, Sodomy
        Ninth circle of hell is where you’ll be
        Usury, Sodomy, oooh


      • on August 20, 2017 at 6:07 pm long dong silver

        With attribution and props to scanman and carlos danger:

        (To the tune of ebony and ivory):
        Usury and Sodomy
        Get together to ruin your country
        Just try to resist it
        And we’ll take away the jobs and leave
        [Verse 1]
        We all know that people need jobs everywhere you go
        No good or bad so don’t judge anyone
        Pay high interest to live, gay w3dding you must give
        Or we’ll send the ceo to shut you down
        And ruin your town
        Usury and Sodomy
        Next you’ll have to deal with Trannies
        Hand over your paycheck
        Shut up and pay the late fees
        Usury, Sodomy
        Ninth circle of hell is where you’ll be
        Usury, Sodomy, oooh
        [Verse 2]
        We all know that corporations
        rule over people wherever you go
        They make the laws for everyone
        So learn to live
        On fifteen dollars an hour
        No w1fe and family for you, don’t blame you know who
        If you want to survive and remain alive
        Usury and Sodomy
        Forever the human centipede
        Side by side on the
        Inc. board
        No place to flee…
        Side by side on the
        Inc. board
        No place to flee…
        [Repeat to fade]
        Usury, Sodomy
        Ninth circle of hell is where you’ll be
        Usury, Sodomy, oooh


  16. This all goes back to 1965 and decades of Jewish work to destroy our immigration system. A small number of specific people are directly responsible the destruction of this country.


    • In the long run, it doesn’t matter. The days of organic humanity are coming to an end. All these projections you’re seeing, ignore them.


      • “The days of organic humanity are coming to an end.”

        …or are they just beginning? mens’ tampering with nature has tended to have unforeseen, negative consequences, has it not?

        of all people to be tampering with human bioengineering, the eternally myopic Chinese! LMAO! the world will be clamoring for “organic humanity” after THAT gook-mutant horror show plays itself out.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 10:58 am RecoveringBeta

        @PJ normal Chinese eat cats and dogs. What will the super humans eat? Will they even be able to open their eyes?

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 3:22 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        …Trying to imagine Supergook…

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      • on August 19, 2017 at 12:00 am BrachaBenedicta

        What is “organic humanity”?


      • I imagine that he thinks we’ll all be machine intelligences living inside giant floppy discs within a couple of decades.


  17. “The purge-friendly argument that “private corporations can ban or restrict access to whomever they like” loses its moral leverage when every multinational corporation bans the same dissident voices.”

    Where the argument really falls down is that these government sanctioned functional monopolies are acting as agents of the state, and thus ARE subject to First Amendment strictures against violating freedom of speech. Good luck trying to get that case into court though from the outside. Unless President Trump publicly orders the Attorney General to bust them up, you can look forward to the end of ANY right-leaning info on the ‘net.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 6:53 am The Spirit Within

      Why do you want to force the “job creators” to carry racist offensive speech? These are privately owned entities, not the government, so censoring hate speech is not a violation of the first amendment.

      As the gret man Mitt Romney once said, corportions are people my friend. (Hats off to Mitt Romney who denounces the racist Drunk Uncle just like how his father denounced the extreme right wing lunatic Go,dwter before him).


      • Funny how all the tech companies were going out of their way just last week claiming to be unbiased and that they didn’t censor viewpoints. When 50% of the population stops using their shit, and being less monitored for it the joke will be on them.

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      • Reading for comprehension doesn’t seem to be your strong suit, unless you’re being sarcastic? If so, over-clever is underwhelming.

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      • TSW – fuck you got things backwards. Sheesh. It’s not hate speech that is being censored you dumb twit. Look – the sweetspot of the alt-right movement is either about condemning the hate speech (the alt-right’s strong case) or is a tit-for-tat reaction against the hate speech (the alt-right’s weaker case).

        The real hate speech is this white privilege concept. See my comment above directed your way for an explanation of the obvious.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:57 am The Spirit Within

        Wild Man: we can end racism and white privilege by importing more immigrants of color who are essential to help grow our economy where there is a desperate labor shortage as baby boomers retire and they can also help white women give birth to babies of color to stem the racist RethugliKKKlan tide.

        If you want to imagine the future as it should be, imagine a boot stamping on the racist white males’ faces for eternity. The thought brings a tear to my eye.


      • Spirit Within, you’ve made some very valid points that have completely changed my mind. Trump IS a drunk uncle, I see that now. Mitt Romney IS a great man, despite getting his ass handed to him by a mulatto marxist moron. Hate speech is NOT free speech, especially when it’s making fun of heebies or jungle bunnies.

        I feel like a new man.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 9:24 am The Spirit Within

        Major7, mockingly pretending to be something that you’re not in order to parody your opposition isn’t funny.

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      • Gotta give u credit, TSW, your trolling has stepped up a notch…you should come on over to AccreditedTimes and start posting LOL.

        The best is importing color to grow our economy…I mean, yeah, millions of africans are THAT KEEN to pay old white people’s pensions…never thought of it that way. No wonder they’re so eager to come to the West, they are salivating at the thought of paying other people’s pensions. Makes perfect sense.


      • TSW – look I don’t know who you are – but your last comment – are you just trolling? Please argue better. Look – the demographic shift within the white cohort, due to changing rates of fertility is a different topic. You use that idea to double-down on you upside-down conception of ‘white privilege’ connoting whites as the real racists, by way of unhinged backwardization logic …. by way of some imagined fantastical future outcome somehow proving your point? How does one even argue or discuss with somebody that can’t seem to understand how concepts interface with other concepts?

        I hope you will consider what I commented above with respect to the explanation as to how the ‘white privilege’ concept is obviously racist, bigoted, prejudiced, hypocritical, and contempt-filled, towards the so-called victim classes it promotes. Why not address that? What says you?


      • “Major7, mockingly pretending to be something that you’re not in order to parody your opposition isn’t funny.”

        Eh, I thought it was worth a kek.

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      • The Spirit Within Us All, I’m NEVER sarcastic. It’s a speech impediment.


      • Aaaah, I see what you did there TSW, very droll, I tip my hat to zu


      • on August 18, 2017 at 4:42 pm The Philosopher

        Well I’m not a retarded ‘capitalist’ so mowing down private business owner for a tribal self interest is fine. Theres nothing conservative about believing in an abstraction.

        If it was up to me jews would simply be banned from the media. Even half jews. Try come up with a weird category or scenario around it? Just a blanket ban.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 4:44 pm The Philosopher

        I suppose the jews in the national review would use their verbal iQs to argue I’d be ‘killing freedom’ and ‘free enterprise’ forcing corporations to not be agents of Israel.

        Right whatever. Bullet.


      • ~*The Philosopher*~


    • Been saying for years we should have rescued all those non internet connected printers from thrift shops and warehouses that everyone was making zines on pre Myspace. CH had a post not long ago about maul right art pieces posted in public. If we can’t shitpoast we need to post real poster memes in meatworld. My kids have tons of art supplies…

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  18. on August 18, 2017 at 6:53 am Wrong Side of History

    muh capitalism

    muh job creators

    muh trickle-down economics

    How many of these livid Trump supporters spent the past few decades enabling vampires?

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  19. the frantic “shut it down!” purge here reeks of impotency and overstepping. it’s the reaction, not the long term plan. the long term plan was Brave New World. now they’re moving to 1984-style, control through physical force and total information control, except they don’t have the physical force part worked out, or the total information control.

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    • once the Big Brother meme spreads all that venture capital that keeps these companies afloat and expanding at ridiculous rates is going to quickly dry up. that means all those SJWs no longer have comfy keyboard jobs. are all those blue haired fatties and pajama boy manlets reeeeally going to take to the streets demanding revolution, while the feral nogs rob and rape them? heh.

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      • so then what’s their next move? the Fed collapses the whole thing and then suddenly we’re living in an impoverished, nightmare police state? how could they pull this off without being able to dupe the citizenry or having a conscripted military?

        history can teach us a bit about the forces driving this stuff, but otherwise we’re in uncharted territory here. internet, nukes, birth control. those didn’t exist but the last time this happened.

        we pretty much have to make it up as we go.


      • Perhaps you’ve noticed that short of Trump being elected by the EC, nothing that internet nationalists wish for has ever come to pass. In that respect it is true make-believe. If what you learn from studying history is that history will do exactly what you want it to do, you’re not studying right. Look at all these guys hastily proposing one grand plan after another; there’s desperation in it. They’re planning the best when all wise men ever agree that one is better off planning for the worst.

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      • “are all those blue haired fatties and pajama boy manlets reeeeally going to take to the streets demanding revolution, while the feral nogs rob and rape them?”

        Have you been to the City lately?

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 12:01 pm Captain Obvious

        “nothing that internet nationalists wish for has ever come to pass”

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      • You have officially crossed the Rubicon into genuine obsessive territory.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 1:09 pm Wrong Side of History

        The kulaks indeed never learn.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 2:18 pm Captain Obvious

        ML, stop projecting your Obsessive-Compulsive Neuroses & Psychoses & Genetic Psychopathy on me.

        I’m just a simple redneck, in the middle of nowhere, who wanted nothing more than to be left alone.



      • Hey, you’re the one who dogs me with custom bitmaps. Take your own advice, sport.


      • I’m just a simple redneck, in the middle of nowhere, who wanted nothing more than to be left alone.

        Randy? Randy Weaver?

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      • 25th anniversary Monday – same day as the Eclipse. Fitting.


      • One of my heroes. After Ted K and Eric Rudolph.


      • ML is too stupid to be FBI. Must be BATF.


  20. Our political class will enact the MAGA Agenda when we are surrounding their desks pointing our RightsKeepers [TM] at them. Not an instant before.

    As for Trust-Busting Tech: In War you do not send Lawyers.

    We didn’t Trust-Bust the British, Confederacy, Imperial Germany, the Indians, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, the B’aath party and while the War on Terror has provided many inane instances of Lawyer-Fare I’m unaware of suggesting using Anti-Trust Laws against Jihadis.

    You’re also overlooking that the Lawyers have betrayed us, this includes DOJ and The Law is the solid province of the enemy and not a tool we can use.
    Sessions himself only cut the invasion at borders by backing The Police [who in truth are in America quite distinct from The Laws] not by using Lawyers.
    Trump’s recourse to Lawyers has been a complete flop on immigration and only FEAR of us got the Courts to give at all.

    As for using DOJ they’re trying to depose him sweetie.

    The Way of The Law is Shut. The Laws are in the Hands of our Enemies.
    One does not beg the enemy for Victory, one may beg for mercy-although that’s pointless degradation in our case.

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    • War on Terror = Mossad/Deep-State invention.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm Captain Obvious

        With double-edged [triple-edged, quadruple-edged, etc etc etc] results:

        A) Trick Shkotzim into enacting the Yinon Plan for the Chosen

        B) Demoralize Shkotzim when trillions of Shkotzim dollars & thousands of Shkotzim lives fail to establish “democracy” amongst Sand N!ggers

        C) Butcher Middle Eastern Chr!stians [part of the greater Yinon Plan]

        D) Earn billions of dollars of interest from T-Bill debt floated to finance the Shkotzim invasions

        E) Create Deep State apparatus ostensibly designed to protect Shkotzim from “Muh Terrorism” but actually to enforce slave state totalitarianism upon Shkotzim

        F) Etc etc etc

        And at each step along the way: Jews Win! Jews Win! Jews Win! Jews Win! Jews Win! Jews Win! etc etc etc…

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  21. on August 18, 2017 at 7:09 am electricangel

    “Trust-bust Silicon Valley tech oligarchs and the huge media conglomerates”

    First step: require cable companies to allow people to choose a la carte channels. Progressives don’t want to pay for Fox News, and no one on the right wants CNN or MSNBC. You don’t need to break up conglomerates if they are collapsing from lack of revenue.

    ESPN is the poster child here.

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  22. on August 18, 2017 at 7:11 am RecoveringBeta

    Cux news had judge nap I Lita no yesterday morning, and he said it was better not to censor “hate speech” because we need to know where these people are. Fuck Fox. I’ve believed for a while that they’re traitors, but this, combined with the white female newscasters going googoo over some nigger who flexed his muscles in front of a security camera sent me over the edge.

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  23. If you want to end ‘open borders’ advocacy then agree and amplify. “Okay, let everyone in then, including about 35 million 18-30 year old females from South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Handpick young females. If the femborg tries to stop that then accuse them of misogyny. One after another BOATLOAD of thin, attractive, feminine long-haired trim from overseas. Flood the streets of America with foreign beauties. Watch how quickly the leftist femborg would put an end to open borders and lax entry requirements. Once something benefits the white boys then it’s over. Look how quickly ‘immigrant’ has become synonymous with ‘young, unskilled, barbaric brown male.’ It works for the left; gets more votes and is also an insult to the native, white males. “You guys are so disappointing that even the worst men on earth are better!” Never mind the contradicted logic. That never stops the femborg. But really, where are the 19 year old immigrants with skinny arms, big tits and long hair? I haven’t seen one image.

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    • That’s sex trafficking
      t. Shitlib


    • You are late to the party. The influx of young women into United States who want to marry affluent American men has been effectively halted by a law called IMBRA. Allegedly it’s supposed to protect women from “abuse”, but really what it means is that feminists did not want an influx of pretty women into their country that would further damage their already meager relationship prospects. The time to fight that battle was more than a decade ago though. People were asleep.


  24. Now you can see why Ghandi and MLK used nonviolence. Any violence will be reported even if it was provoked. So many people still have no clue the level.of lying going on.


  25. Magic underpants just shat out a thick pile of globohomo propaganda this morning on Facebook, not – so-subtly trying to claim military loyalty now depends on Trump bending the knee to the leftists with a big apology now a whole week later. Desperate to keep this shit the headline of the news cycle, and scared of military action or something?
    What is he so scared of the plebs turning their attention to? Does this mean major swamp draining is imminent or something?

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  26. I’m seeing this a little different.

    They’re not attacking all of us. Just the N@z1s. Everybody is going to agree with this attack, because who in their right mind is going to defend N@z1s? And anyway, we don’t really like those guys either, because let’s face it they’re Soc1al1sts, and soc1al1sm is always bad.

    This is how a smart adversary breaks apart a coalition. Attack the hangers-on that no one likes. Then attack the weak and troublesome. Then go to work on the main body, creating further division and attacking whichever small groups break off. Eventually the main body, once unbeatable, can be swept away.

    All of Western history shows this to be effective. Caesar took control of Gaul, fighting forces 100x bigger, because those forces refused to unify. They hated each other more than they hated Rome, who enslaved them.

    I don’t support the alt-reich or anybody like that. But they’re fighting against the Global1sts, which makes them an ally.

    Here’s the rub, for me. I think it’s going to get worse. Devastatingly worse. I think the soap box has already been passed, and the ballot box will fail. I think this is going to turn to the cartridge box. When it does, we’ll need all of our allies, unified, even the ones we don’t like.

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    • Rules For Radicals S Alinsky

      The Rules[edit]
      “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.
      “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.
      “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.
      “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.
      “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
      “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.
      “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.
      “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.
      “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.
      “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.” It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
      “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.
      “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.
      “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

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      • This is it right here.

        If we want to hit back, just as hard, we’d need to force the Left to talk about Antifa. Even Fox is talking about “Naz1s vs Counter demonstrators”; if they don’t name them, no one talks about them.

        If we force the Left to disavow Antifa by hammering them relentlessly for their support of a known violent criminal communist thug group, this becomes a draw for allies lost. A win, actually, as Antifa is a “secret” weapon that no one talks about, while being allied with Naz1es is itself a public point of weakness. Which one of two is brazen enough to attack a Presidential procession, while simultaneously being ignored by the media? Which one of the two is regarded by the public as actually real-world dangerous?

        If we force them to disavow Antifa, this is a win.

        Which is why they’re throwing everything they have at this. They’re on the verge of a major loss. Keep pushing. Talk to people about Antifa. Make it impossible to ignore.

        If I read correctly, the top hit yesterday in Goolag for “Who is…” in the auto-populator was “Who is Antifa”.

        Keep hitting them. Make them own it.

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      • The way I see this is the Bernays begat Alinsky. Bernays spells out the strategy and Alinsky spells out the tactics.

        The Bernays poison has infliltrated everywhere. Bernays had a very low opinion of other people. And this precise sentiment has infliltrated everywhere.

        We, people, humans …… are so much better than that. Fuck Bernays. Jewish Retard.

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      • “Even” (((Fox)))?

        Are you new, Greg? You slept through the last 18 months?


    • Communists are worse than nazis.

      Pol pot’s gang started wiping out the smart people. Then it was mfers with eyeglasses because smart people wear glasses. Then it was anyone who could read.

      Stalin’s gang starved to death 10 million or so Ukrainians. Some of them were forced to eat their deceased children to stay alive.

      Give me a nazi ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over this shit.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 10:08 am Carlos Danger

      My attitude too. No enemies on the Left means no enemies on the Right as well.

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    • Wrong, Greg. First, to the Leftards, everyone a little to the right of them is a “Nazi”. So, that brush stroke gets wider and wider every year.

      Furthermore, I am not offended by so-called “Nazis”, and would rather be around them than liberals or cucks posing as conservatives who hate “Nazis”. Those who are awoke KNOW that Hitler was 100% correct about the Jews and the Communist threat (same thing, really), AND that he was truly punished with unavoidable war because he had the audacity to break the backs of the banks and media outlets that were robbing the Germans and polluting their minds. THAT is why the (((they))) wanted him out, because a parasite has to parasite, and they could no longer parasite in German-controlled lands. Jews weren’t going to go out and get real jobs, after all.

      Yes, some (but not all) today who like to show up in NS regalia are physically pathetic and weak looking, and are using that as some sort of psychological crutch, but the true hardcore NS believers (who will stomp ass when need be) don’t need to march around in uniforms or wear patches. Those are our true brothers. You’d better realize that.

      You think the normies will have YOUR back when the SHTF at some event where there is a chimp-out, or a leftist riot? You think because you are not wearing a swastika that YOU are going to be viewed any different by them?

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    • I think (after reading through the responses to this chain), that what everyone has missed is that they ARE attacking all of us, because what they’re selling is that everyone to-the-right-of-center is a N@z1. Supremacist and Nationalist are being used interchangeably despite having very different meanings in and out of context. They either don’t know the difference or don’t care, because regardless of degree, they want us to all seem to be rabid N@z1s… because nobody, presumably in their right mind, is going to defend anyone who can be tarred up as N@z1s. And they believe if they sell the “right = N@z1s” hard enough, then they can push to liquidate us. Band together or hang separately, the time is now.


    • While fatally flawed in several aspects, that memo is exactly 100% correct about the most import thing — this really is it. If Trump is forced out, the Republic is finished because his base will be “legally” and permanently isolated and marginalized.

      Then, it will either be wide spread, low intensity civil conflict or a quick mop up of dead enders.

      In other words, this really and truly is our last chance to resist peacefully. If they succeed in removing Trump, it’s either armed conflict, or a life of furtive isolation/marginalization as we watch the sunset of human freedom.

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  27. on August 18, 2017 at 9:08 am Wrong Side of History


    Like Rome survived in the east, so too shall we.

    Worry about your loved ones. Make plans. Get out of this shithole while you still can.


  28. what god does the GloboHomo Corporatocracy have?


    that’s a parasite god, with very weak staying power. not that the next 5 decades won’t be “entertaining”

    and yes, hu-whytes will pay dearly for their ret\urn away from Jesus Christ; down to the last shekel; instead. we have that from multiple angles, including the mouth of the mammonists, themselves.


  29. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/18/michael-chabon-ayelet-waldman-antisemitic-jews-support-trump-nazi-collaborators/

    Anyone still doubt the JQ IS the question?

    The level of retardation in Jew retarded is astonishing.


    • Anyone still doubt the JQ IS the question?

      me! me!

      Pick me!


      • on August 18, 2017 at 10:09 am Carlos Danger

        I laughed at that one.


      • worry ye about the speck in yer eyeball, and then can you address the beam in the ((neighbour’s))


      • “worry ye about the speck in yer eyeball, and then can you address the beam in the ((neighbour’s))”

        Excellent, if not quite accurate, advice. And while your working with your beam:

        1) stop watching their news
        2) stop watching their movies
        3) stop listening to their music
        4) stop worshipping their athletes
        5) stop watching their porn
        6) stop eating their poisoned food
        7) stop taking their snake oil pharmaceuticals
        8) stop letting them teach your children
        9) stop investing in their rigged markets
        10) stop letting them control your language
        11) stop using their social media/intel gathering platforms
        12) stop internalizing their sick “humor”

        Free your mind and get healthy again, goy.

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      • @Scanman

        every one of 1-12 is obviously very important part of eye beam removal

        one cannot keep dumping filth into one’s eye if the mind and body is to be illumined


    • Yes – and this one hi-lights the BPD-flavored ‘woman-mind’ aspect of many who partake of the jewish mindset. A more telling flavoring of Jewish Retard, this Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman.


  30. The tech corporations are where the left get’s its ideas and power. They have to go. On another note, I remember the IRA bombings and the apologists for them and the left wing support of terrorists and I still see it now. No tech company has said a word about the attack in Barcelona or any of the other attacks but they have all made statements about the right wing. I have seen what happens when you enable terrorists before. I see it happening again.

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  31. on August 18, 2017 at 10:09 am Carlos Danger

    What would it take to set up a secure platform for all of our favorite sites to migrate to?


  32. I keep hearing the good programmers that keep the lights on and the cash flowing tend libertarian. Brow beaten into leftish beliefs perhaps. When are the James Dafore types going to get on with sabotage from the inside? Or are they the same as ‘good’ cops that follow orders against what is right cause paycheck above soul?


  33. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/18/michael-chabon-ayelet-waldman-antisemitic-jews-support-trump-nazi-collaborators/

    Wow – this one hi-lights the BPD-flavored “woman-mind’ aspect of many who partake of the jewish mindset. A more telling flavoring of Jewish Retard – this Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman


  34. on August 18, 2017 at 10:29 am Baked Georgia

    so much for libertarianism, right?

    they’re even shutting down credit card services

    can non-north dakota citizens join their public bank? the fact the private banks can denied service for non-criminal citizens is an insanity

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  35. Epic troll. Jewish guy calls into radio talk show discussing Alt-Right:


    • Wow – epic Jewish Retard, featuring the central Retard Meme – ‘white privilege’, this time coded by way of – “well – everything, absolutely everything, is white people’s fault’, which at least is a bit more honest, to cut to the chase and frame it that way, in the sense that, that is precisely what ‘white privilege’ means, by the way everyone uses the concept.

      It’s really: All the world’s ills = white people’s fault.

      This is cunt-like and gay this idiotic sentiment. Jewish Retardism is flavored by cuntiness and gayness.


  36. I predict this will be a weekly thing now. Every Saturday. It’s happening. Things moving fast.

    When will somebody start using 55g pills?


    New Boston massacre might be tomorrow.

    Dear CIA, I won’t be within 1200 miles of there. Just a prediction. Not advocacy.

    Notice (((government))) installed cameras TODAY for the express purpose of arresting and disappearing any truth talking whites.


    • We are in the middle of a (((Soviet))) crackdown on “dissenters” (freedom advocates) who are committing fake political crimes, despite the First Amendment and everything that was understood in 1776.

      Do you goys get that?

      A Soviet crackdown is occurring RIGHT NOW as we sit here at our globohomo desks (many of us).

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 11:12 am Wrong Side of History

        Get out while you still can.


      • We can only hope the false flag operators take each other out. Sure every agency is sending their own team. Smart thing would be to last minute cancel have no one from the right show up and let the lefty thugs battle each other. Course they’ll still blame it on whitey.


      • Publius – one thing I don’t get. What is the end game for the globohomoists? What prize are they protecting? If the Jewish Retards and their minions want to lord it over everyone else in some kind of future dystopia that on surface looks superficially like a utopia (like a Fhloston Paradise), like an appeasement by way of further domestication – well why would they want to do that?

        One thing that has struck me is that well, nobody would be motivated that way unless they knew about a prize, a treasure, that other’s don’t know about, and they want to secure a future whereby said treasure is their’s and only their’s (like The Precious).

        Wtf is this Precious?

        And if one opens oneself to too much speculation around this – it is too easy to kinda end up going full-David-Icke, which of course, seems very paranoid, because it is.

        This aspect confuses me to no end. Wtf is really going on? Te be clear about my views on this – I’m pretty sure too much paranoia is gonna cloud clear discernment.


      • Wild Man

        There is no End. because the (((them))) the means is the end… Just like a shark has to swim and eat, they have to Jew or die. That’s it friend. There is no mountaintop.

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      • “the means IS the end… ”

        exactly right. we can’t understand it by projecting.

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      • Sentient – OK – if it is the way you say – well then it is just a matter of time before the Jewish Retards and their cohorts will turn their attention towards Elon Musk’s sentiment around future technologies – and spin that in some way towards a consensus support for the opposite viewpoint – that there should be monopoly over these future technology prizes?

        But white people by and large like freedom. So there will be more poz and anti-poz flinging over said future battle. Fuck – where does it end? I’m pretty sure the freedom lovers sentiment has to win in the end because it is much much better with regards to better outcomes for more people. Isn’t that gonna Trump everything else in the end?


      • on August 18, 2017 at 12:27 pm Captain Obvious

        Wrong Side of History: “Get out while you still can.”

        Oops, too late.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 12:29 pm Captain Obvious

        “the means is the end… Just like a shark has to swim and eat, they have to Jew or die. That’s it friend. There is no mountaintop.”


        Sentient moves to 1st Place in the race to KKKOTY.


      • Alright – still trying to put this in perspective. Another way of looking at this, incorporating Sentient’s view on it, which on the face of it – can’t really argue with his matter-of-fact point of view, is this:

        Maybe the Jewish Retards are rather more symbiotic with the freedom loving sentiment of west-proper, than it at first appears. Note that on the first few iterations, of zoom-pout perspective, it seems more like the Jewish Retards are more-so parasitic than symbiotic. But zoom-out even more and another perspective begins to form. What if the JQ is like an ongoing strengthening agent, by way of ongoing fitness testing, that the Jewish Retard cohort provides the west, by way of being the shit-disturbers writ-large that they in fact are (i.e. – you can’t really argue against the Jewish Retards as being akin to epic shit-disturbers).

        Look – I’m trying to find the best perspective on this, so as to figure out where to go from here on this. Kinda framing it that it is like a death-struggle doesn’t seem to fit (to my mind anyways). More like the west-proper has to always continue be careful that jewish power is more-so aligned with western interests and not the other way around (which is constantly threatened). Will jews (including the Jewish Retards) buy this perspective? If so, maybe we can get somewhere.


      • Sentient – thinking more about what you said. OK – it’s the freedom lovers against those that don’t give a shit about freedom? Well what floats their boat then? Is there a common Semitic psychic thread (i.e. – in common with the peoples from which Islamism was also borne), among the middle eastern heritages (including the jews then), that love dominance/submission more-so than freedom?


      • Wild Man

        in M*d. Read The Golden Calf Exodus 32. Explains much about their behavior and lack of control.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 4:06 pm The Philosopher

        The aim is like David Duke said and just like what happened in communist Russia. A kind of secret cabal jewish elite ruling over their subjects in a tyrannical state.

        Many people think communism was a russian thing. Read Alexander Solythszins book – it was a jewish thing.

        The goal of the jews is more or less like soviet russia under lenin. But with 3rd world slaves instead of slavs.

        The more you read about it, the more youll see they dont believe in ideologies or the religions they invented. They are just justifications for doing psychopathic things. Thats the greatest lesson of 20th century history.

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      • If the thecret goal of the Jewth were Thoviet Communithm … we’d be pretty lucky.


    • Are we supposed to feel bad about Bannon? You’ll get banned from Breitbart for criticizing Jews. I don’t know much about McMaster, but Bannon was trying to get him removed for not backing Israel 100%.


      • Same thoughts. If I told you an ex Goldman, ex Hollweird producer, ex Jew publisher was going to be Chief Strategist and did not name him, you would go apeshit.

        Bannon hasn’t delivered anything and was an easy target. He was too much into Bannon Building and wasted his time mucking around with Jared and the Generals.

        He can be much more useful outside the WH, if he chooses to be.


      • I don’t get Bannon.
        The msm and shitlibs kept calling him a white supremacist.
        I never heard of him until last year. He never denied it but no real evidence exists he is.
        Seems he quit which shows what type of character he has. He’ll probably go on the speaking circuit who is no good. He was inside so he could have done real change.
        I’m annoyed though because the scum will see this as another victory.
        Part of me wants Trump now to quit too. This country is done. So we can sit back and watch the shitlibs burn it into the ground.
        I’m seriously looking into Russia.
        A corrupt cup try but one run by adults.

        A firm I work with is doing construction for a university campus on the West coast and they are required to put in a unisex bathroom for the trannies.
        They had to change their plans and pay for it to get the contract.


      • http://prospect.org/article/steve-bannon-unrepentant

        He dismissed the far right as irrelevant and sidestepped his own role in cultivating it: “Ethno-nationalism—it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more.”

        “These guys are a collection of clowns,” he added.

        From his lips to Trump’s ear.

        “The Democrats,” he said, “the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

        I had never before spoken with Bannon. I came away from the conversation with a sense both of his savvy and his recklessness. The waters around him are rising, but he is going about his business of infighting, and attempting to cultivate improbable outside allies, to promote his China strategy. His enemies will do what they do.

        Personally, was glad he was in the WH, disappointing really he was so clumsy and ineffective.


      • Yeah Breitbart is bizarre. They attack Jews a lot, do things like put earth emojis around “globalist” jews (losososlozozoz), but they are clearly nearly-MSM controlled opposition.

        When (((they))) shut down Breitbart and block Trump from (((twitter))) then we will truly know the (((Soviet))) crackdown is happening.

        I’m telling you goys, get popcorn and watch Boston tomorrow. (or go to the range and do something useful)

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    • On the end-game thing – one thing that occurs to me is that maybe the Jewish Retards and their cohorts don’t know exactly what the prize is, but sense that there is one, or will be one, and so what they are doing is arranging things so that no matter where or how the prize arises, they will be the ones in the right position to scoop it up.

      Like let’s say it turns out that the prize is the power that could be monopolized around radical life extension, or redial transhumanism. Control the money, control the culture, control the ideological battles, …. in other words – control the playing field – and you will be the ones positioned best to scoop up the future prize, wherever or however it arises. Is this the game that is being played?

      Of note here – people like Elon Musk are freaked-out about said possible eventuality and he is actively speaking up for a consensus among the techno-nerds, many of whom are not jews, including a whole lot that are Han Chinese, – trying to convince the techno-nerds that monopolization of said future technologies should be avoided at all costs – that access to said future technologies should be distributed far and wide – and he sees this as a necessary precondition of humankind’s survivability (i.e. – he attempts to make a very serious case for his position on this). What is weird is that there doesn’t seem to be much rhetoric pointed against Musk’s (and other’s) sentiment on this, by way of the Jewish Retards and their ilk.


      • We don’t understand their endgame because it isn’t about building, that’s what white people do. It is a neurotic vengeful jealous drive to destroy White Western Civilization.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 12:41 pm Carlos Danger

        They know exactly what the prize will be. They intend to live as a high tech aristocracy in a world of about 500 million people in twelve city states. They plan on uploading their minds to computers likely inside of robots to remain immortal and use all of the technology that we have that is being held back to live as gods in a paradise for that small group of people. Essentially a high tech Mount Olympus.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 1:24 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        There is no endgame. We build they smash.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 3:49 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        It’s almost as if Satan is real, and they are truly his children. There IS no goal, no endgame, other than destruction.

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 4:09 pm The Philosopher

        GB is right. Its not a logical thing as whites would understand it. Its more of a Attila the Hun thing.

        What was the end game of the Huns?

        Jews are essentially gypsies with very high IQs. There’s no record of civilisation in Israel, beyond temples and markets. The jews are not a ‘builder’ race like east asians and whites. They have more in common with berbers and huns.


      • “What was the end game of the Huns?”

        The goal of every healthy people is to expand. Some philosopher.

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      • Yeah those Swiss and Danes and Finns sure did a number on the world…



      • on August 18, 2017 at 7:59 pm The Philosopher

        This ML person seems to be a jewish provocateur of some sort. My question is why bother wasting time on an alt right forum? Isn’t there a castle on a hill where you touch boys to go to?


      • “This ML person seems to be a jewish provocateur of some sort.”

        Oh she is, she is.

        “My question is why bother wasting time on an alt right forum?”

        Rent check, plus one-handed reading. Sort of a choose-your-own-adventure where they can get raped by Aryan Cossacks.

        It’s tempting not to bother with them, but occasionally if you make the fantasy “too real” for them they recoil in terror and dismay.

        As is only just. Plus, we need to keep the chateau pool clean, for the edification of the planet.


      • They know exactly what the prize will be. They intend to live as a high tech aristocracy in a world of about 500 million people in twelve city states. They plan on uploading their minds to computers likely inside of robots to remain immortal and use all of the technology that we have that is being held back to live as gods in a paradise for that small group of people. Essentially a high tech Mount Olympus Tower of Babel.


        Otherwise, you nailed it. Atheist turbonerds will die of their own cartoon-level arrogance. We just have to get out of their way and limit the collateral damage.

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  37. Terror attack in Finland. Deep state is working overtime.


  38. http://www.vdare.com/articles/pat-buchanan-americas-second-civil-war


    “Where does this all end?” President Trump asked.

    It doesn’t. Not until America’s histories and biographies are burned and new texts written to Nazify Lee, Jackson, Davis and all the rest, will a newly indoctrinated generation of Americans accede to this demand to tear down and destroy what their fathers cherished.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 12:43 pm Captain Obvious

      I got into a brief discussion with an academia chick who works in the greater Civil War industry yesterday – turned out she was a classic post-menopausal Cluster-C/Non-Specified Obsessive-Compulsive/Passive-Aggressive shitli!b cat-lady w!tch, who told me that the statues would survive, in museums, but that “they would no longer be pedestalized” and I said, no, they wouldn’t survive, and then I said that after they got rid of the statutes, they’d start burning the books, and OC-PA w!tch said “they won’t burn the books” and I said, “yes, they will burn the books”, and the ‘conversation’ rapidly degenerated from there.

      These Frankfurt School marionettes are incapable of original thought.

      They can only regurgitate Narratival scripts which their puppetmasters have written for them to regurgitate.

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      • Yea you’ll go down in history for your originality thought man.

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      • ML, you are a little bitch.


      • hi saruh! can u reach that can of dog shit in the top cabinet or can’t u get out of your wheelchair?


      • Hayek spelled this out in the Road to Serfdom. Once you adopt the totalitarian mindset (e.g. free speech is too dangerous), whatever your original intentions, you inevitably end up at the same place, namely hell on earth. It isn’t the intentions that get you there, it is the means you must use to force those intentions on the rest of the populace. The useful idiots never get this and are typically the first ones put against the wall when “their” side wins.


      • To elaborate, these people can all quote “First they came for the socialists” by heart and yet have no idea what it means.

        They think it’s fine to chuck the Constitution as long you’re going after, not merely people you’re indifferent to, but people you hate. They think, group X is objectively awful, so it’s okay to deny them freedom of speech, due process, etc.

        Once the precedent is set, the bar starts moving lower as the opportunists and crazies take over. The useful idiots are shocked to find themselves on the crimethink list, and without any of the rights they were so anxious to strip away when it was only the bad guys who were going to get it. Defarge, the Vengeance, the judge, the jury, all go to the guillotine.


      • hi saruh! can u reach that can of dog shit in the top cabinet or can’t u get out of your wheelchair?

        I agree. ML is the old “uh”. I used to like that guy despite his foibles, but clearly he has some neuroses to work out — don’t we all. His therapy seems to require a public component, though. Godspeed, brother.


      • *belch*

        Internet tuffies w lunchtable-tier convo to the last.

        Stupid goyim in short.

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    • Yet Kushner is for this and is Trump’s right hand man. Kushner could very well be the Antichrist


  39. on August 18, 2017 at 12:36 pm Carlos Danger


    I bought this DVD a few years back and just started watching tonight. What a blast from my past. If you want to see what we have lost this is it. The humor is still better than everything I see today and still fresh. They did a lot of dead pan serious seeming magazine spoofs back then. I looked up an old favorite of mine- Dog Fishing in America- hooking Dobermans and fluffy dogs with deep sea rods and reels for instance. Done like a Field and Stream article, It had a table of different kinds of bait, etc. Funny as shit. Another one was a spoof newspaper called Negro News with Don King the headline was Tragedy Averted! 77,000 die in Stadium Collapse. I remember reading this article at the local Drug Store when I was about 14 or so. One of my favorites was from the 80s when they put out a spoof of that famous NYC poster from a New Yorker’s perspective. It was copied about 1000 times in the 90s for every city imaginable. This one was the Hymietowner from when Jessie Jackson made that statement. What a scream. I framed it I liked it so much and still have it.

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  40. on August 18, 2017 at 1:28 pm Jack-o-lantern

    With Bannon gone, the America First agenda is dead. It’s going to be the Wall Street, neocon agenda from now on.

    Might as well use the 25th amendment to get the buffoon-in-chief out of the White House now so he can go back to reality TV.


    • Nah we still have Stephen Miller. Lol


      • You will (((lol))) one day like you did so many times asshole
        I guarantee you


      • Ok? I’m an asshole for pointing out that Miller is the only one openly to throw down for what you care about?



      • I do know about Miller or what kind of “only person” he is
        but I know about you and your (((ilk)))
        Since you appeared here you try to spread defeatism and confusion
        If there was ever a jidf shill you are the one

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      • So you didn’t watch the video with Acosta? and you didn’t know he’s friends with Spencer?


    • Trump defended the alt right of his own accord. I trust his instincts.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 3:58 pm The Philosopher

        He can still talk to him.

        But its clear Cohn, McMaster and the goldman sachs neocons forced him out.


    • saruh with her favorite Stage Three indoor sport, talking shop out of both ends of her mouth like she works in the White House:

      3. Anxious credentialization

      “Contrary to what you might infer from my three previous comments above about desperately scoping the sidewalk for a stray Percocet while taking the trash out to the dumpster in my white favela in Mobile, Alabama, I have in fact just returned from a most truculent dinner party in Georgetown, where by obstreperous eavesdropping I just refulgenated from the Under-Secretary of Commerce for Middle Eastern Development (she’s a great gal, btw; my cousin kibbutzed with her in Hadera) that geo-recidivism incurs the deontologization of huwite supreemisisivism on the internet by proxy design. Goddamnit all, miscegenate, you creeps!”


  41. Like

    • You do understand that is happening now, that the course of next 50 years is being decided as we speak, that in many respects is now or never
      For all virtue signaling whores who get again with “alt-right is nahzis” I say f*uck you assholes
      In particular that virtue signaling whore RamzPaul since I know he reads this blog
      F*ucking asshole you do not have virtue signal so hard,you do not have tweet every 5 minutes how you are not a nahzi like these horrible alt right people
      You are a coward,it is that simple

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      • Never then.

        Meet you back here in a month. Maybe.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm Wrong Side of History

        Ironic nazis are still retards


      • here is the other one
        wut you ((((work))) in double now?
        retarded moron if I was to collect the lunacies that you wrote here
        I could publish a bestseller Rules for Morons or how elevate oneself from amebas to the next level of unconscious existence


      • on August 18, 2017 at 2:57 pm Wrong Side of History

        Go for it, pussy.

        Elevate yourself out of NEEThood.

        I’ll buy copies for the family.


      • you have a family ??
        ok than I will write something else for your mother
        in the meantime give my regards
        and this


      • amebas


      • lollzlolzlz omg it’s 2016 BEOFRE THE ERECTION AGAINZ!!! lolz

        the saruhcide shop thinks that Trump is doomed–it’s going around the hasbara halls as we speak gentlemen, and the fact that “wrong side” has taken her fingers out of her twat long enough to ‘seriously’ troll for the 1st time in 9 months, plus the reappearance of saruh as “ML” (omg nancymee’s on this thread t2wo!) proves the Jews are getting HAWT.

        Yep, I’m afraid our (((friends))) think c’lottesville plus Bannon’s exit means the coup is upon Trump and they’re firing up their “big guns” loz.

        Keep steady, my friends, the flak is always hottest when we are right over the target.

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      • amebas

        There’s no more reliable or more subtle tell for perfidy than when you adopt the enemy’s rhetorical quirks — in this case pouncing on irrelevant grammar deficiencies as a distraction from your inadequacy in argument. Take a hard look at yourself.

        Pick and choose from the enemy’s rancid buffet of ideas if you have to, but, my God, man! don’t become them.


      • I just thought it looked funny tbh


  42. Like

  43. for those of you with young children who might be looking for a heartwarming bedtime story that teaches good values and will help them find peace and security during these troubled times, I highly recommend Art of War.

    here are a few examples of the wisdom contained there in, which will no doubt help prepare them for what lies ahead:

    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

    “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    I seem to recall hearing that a recently elected world leader studied Art of War very carefully. who was it…? forgetting his name….

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  44. OT,
    Amazon is trying to recruit me again for their marketplace team; they sent this promotional video: https://vimeo.com/81027408

    Should I troll and tell the recruiter that i’m concerned by the lack of diversity and people of color in this video?



    • Video shows the people who do the work. Groid women are the managers.


    • You should troll them. Just ask them what their views are on diversity and/or that you’ve read their page on diversity and didn’t see any semblance of that in the video they sent you. Tell them you’re concerned as that’s a priority for you.


    • Tell ’em you feel that the Alt Right is not adequately represented in Amazon marketing…


  45. on August 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm The Philosopher

    Bannon pushed out by the jews.


    I suspect Trump will still be able to pick up the phone and call bannon. This might be just a PR thing to cover the charlottesville thing.

    The most important thing is trump runs down the clock.


    • I have no information to counter that he was pushed out, or left on his own for other reasons. But scuttlebutt is he’s out of his volition in order to shape narrative from outside. I trust President Trump. Always remember brothers, MSM lies, always.


    • He’s back at Breitbart. Works for me.

      Incidentally, I just saw that Wackipedia describes Breitbart as “far-right” and it just goes downhill from there. I guess if you report the news from any perspective to the right of V.I. Lenin that makes you a not-see.


    • It’s normal for a campaign manager to be awared a position within the administration, but Bannon’s talents are probably not best suited to bureaucracy. This has been a long time coming, and is probably a good thing. It’s believable Bannon’s resignation was not forced, or at least not unexpected; that oddly candid and inflammatory interview on Wednesday with the American Prospect had to have been intentional. Here’s hoping he can advance the pro-American agenda more effectively from the helm of Breitbart.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:07 pm The Philosopher

        Yes its not the end of the world in the sense he can still influence trump. But originally bannon was on the national security council and was in the room with trump the whole time. So a neocon rat who mentions a bajillion seals were clubbed to death in Syria has Bannon to say something immediately.

        But Trumps social IQ is very superior, so he can smell rats himself. Hes not a dummy in that way.

        Bannon looked very tired and haggard. His health was suffering. Who knows what threats he was subjected to. Its best he gets his health back maybe.

        In a way my biggest fear was trump was a neocon tool. But I’m comfortably sure Trump doesn’t need bannon around to know the right thing to aim for. Its been obvious to me digging around how his mother was brain damaged by an illegal immigrant who beat her and reading his butlers social media, he is on board.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 7:03 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Just what, exactly, are this guy’s “talents”? This guy that no one ever heard of till a year ago.


  46. Monday is The Eclipse.

    And the 25th Anniversary of the day a guy who just wanted to be left alone’s dog was killed. As a start.

    Remember this while watching the eclipse.


  47. What ever happened to Sdaedalus?

    I miss her 😦


  48. Do what you can to support Le Chateau and other worthy outposts.

    (((They))) are trying to shut down AmRen too:


    Since the Charlottesville rally last weekend, American Renaissance has been under attack. Internet giants from PayPal to Facebook are trying to squeeze us out.

    PayPal has cut us off, which means for now we can no longer take donations or sell books by credit card or any electronic means. All our recurring monthly donations—which are the predictable cash flow we count on and plan around—have stopped.

    Facebook has blocked the AmRen account for seven days with a warning that if we violate their vague “terms of service” it will close us down for good.

    MailChimp, which is the service we use to reach supporters by email, has cut us off completely. Our Twitter accounts—with a total of more than 60,000 followers—could be next, and our YouTube channel, with 35,000 subscribers and millions of views, is just as vulnerable.

    As you know, American Renaissance had nothing to do with Charlottesville, and for all its 27 years, AmRen has consistently repudiated violence. This doesn’t matter. Corporate America is stamping out our revenue sources and trying to block our access to the public.

    If this continues, AmRen.com could be kicked completely off the internet.

    We cannot go back to the pre-internet days. With your help, we will find alternative platforms and, if need be, take legal action.

    This is a historic moment in our movement. We are being silenced because we are winning. We are winning because we cannot be refuted. We cannot be refuted because we are right!

    Please, give us the means to keep our voice heard.

    At this point we can take only checks, money orders and cash; no electronic or credit cards.

    Please send your donation made out to:

    American Renaissance

    PO Box 527
    Oakton, VA 22124

    Rest assured that we will not back down, and we will not be silenced. We will continue to stand up for you and whites everywhere.

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 7:49 pm driveallnight

      Stormfront forced down, Bannon forced out….still liking your idiotic nazi rally starring gaydolph shitler, faggot?

      Great thinking there. Just outstanding. You fucking moron.

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      • see this is what I am talking about
        a brainless cuck muh constitution type
        die faggot or even better be killed by some commi on the streets
        you do not deserve better

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      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:47 pm driveallnight

        I gots no prob with amren, you faggots. The prob is you dumb nazi-larping fucks handed the msm and tptb exactly what they wanted — a perfect frame-up of the “alt right” (whatever the fuck that term means to each of you) as a bunch of genocidal lunatics.

        Bannon is out. You like that? Stormfront is down (even with weev on the job). You like that? Amren and our other allies can’t raise funds online now. You like that? The google memo scandal is off the front page. You like that?

        Yeah. I’m so tired of all this winning.

        You dumbasses hitched your wagon (brand-wise) to something that screams homo/loser to 95% of the public. I mean, what EXACTLY was the strategy with this rally (other than “let’s trigger the faggots”)?

        There wasn’t any strategy. None whatsoever. You idiots gotta be either huffing paint or else just libarts majors.


      • We don’t give a fuck about swastikas and won’t countersignal if a few NS type show up flying the Windmill of Peace. Just as any alt left rally will have communist hammer and sickle flags flying in their midst, it doesn’t matter.

        As the President of the United States declared: “Not all of those people were neo-Nazis.”

        The goyim know. The president of the United States knows. You’re afraid.

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      • “I gots no prob with AmRen”

        You talk like a nigger. Which means you’re probably a little zionist. Hello, fellow White man . . .

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      • Hey, DribleAllNight, if you don’t like the site, get the fuck out. Nobody wants your pathetic ass here, anyhow. Your bitch Hillary lost, and you will too, fag.


      • So everybody was a card carryin’ nazi in Cville, cuck ? you also think that Antifaggots, Wobblies , BLM ‘s, Commies and other hardcore lefties there were just ” counter protestors,” too, don’t you ? You are from the same roll of shitblotter that Cuckley the Dead was when he helped purge the Birchers from the Republican Party. Fuck you Cuntservatives, you are a bigger enemy to the right than even those worthless fuckin’ commies are .


      • on August 19, 2017 at 1:48 am Carlos Danger

        Stop sniveling. Most aren’t taking the bait. Most normies see what really went down and a large majority want the monuments preserved as they stand.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 5:08 am driveallnight

        Bannon is out. You like that? Stormfront is down (even with weev on the job). You like that? Amren and our other allies can’t raise funds online now. You like that? The google memo scandal is off the front page. You like that?


      • on August 19, 2017 at 5:10 am driveallnight

        I mean, what EXACTLY was the strategy with this rally (other than “let’s trigger the faggots”)?


      • on August 19, 2017 at 5:17 am driveallnight

        I’d like for PA to weigh in on this, if he’s willing. I’ve been on CH since 2009 and this is full retard on a level I’ve not seen.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 5:27 am driveallnight

        Yeah, and corvo is excited about the “gots” typo. Congrats you pedant faggot


      • “I’ve been on CH since 2009”

        Back in the good old days when kikes and cucks would give advice to niggers about how to pick up White girls? Wish you could turn back time?

        I don’t remember you at all. But your non-stop histrionics about a handful of Windmills of Peace at the most significant pro-White rally thus far in our lifetimes shows your true colors: blue and white with a big star of David in the center.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 10:30 am driveallnight

        Why won’t you answer the question, nazi larping pussyboy?

        What EXACTLY was the strategy with this rally (other than “let’s trigger the faggots”)?


      • on August 19, 2017 at 10:34 am driveallnight


        Bannon is out. You like that? Stormfront is down (even with weev on the job). You like that? Amren and our other allies can’t raise funds online now. You like that? The google memo scandal is off the front page. You like that?

        Did your Faggot Dr. Evil plan work? Or maybe….did you guys utterly shit the bed?


      • on August 19, 2017 at 10:39 am driveallnight

        Go ahead, post the birthday cat emoji. You got nothing.


      • The whole world is talking about the pro-White rally in Charlottesville.

        The President of the United States himself said “Not all of those people were neo-nazis.” Word is getting out and more Whites are waking up to the fact that White men are starting to push baked and stand up for their own interests. No one buys the “muh Russia” fake news and no one is buying the “muh neo nazis” story either.

        Your concern trolling about Daily Stormer is amusing. You do know that DS heavily promoted the rally and that Azzmador from DS was slated to speak at the rally, don’t you? And that Anglin and Azzmador have been very pleased with the results, basically calling it the most successful rally the pro-White alt right has ever had?

        Keep kvetching about “muh new nazis” little kike.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bannon resigned on August 7, well before Shartlottesville.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 3:58 pm driveallnight

        Are you guys on the “accelerationist” tip? Because if that’s your position, I can understand your mindset on this stuff.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 4:04 pm driveallnight

        Yes Matt, that does seem to be the word now re bannon.


    • As you know, American Renaissance had nothing to do with Charlottesville, and for all its 27 years, AmRen has consistently repudiated violence. This doesn’t matter. Corporate America is stamping out our revenue sources and trying to block our access to the public.
      well this is why they will get exactly 0 shekels from me
      “we are not evil like that alt right we are peaceful”
      yet idiots you are facing the same inquisition,
      virtue signaling will not save you
      how stupid one needs to be to not have realized this simple truth by now


      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:53 pm gunslingergregi

        lol yea I might realize now lol


      • @dumballnight. Stop being disingenuous. The Charlotte thing was a false flag from the gitgo. Organized by a former Obama supporter and the only people that were there and haven’t been doxxed are the guys who were photographed carrying just out of the wrapper still crinkly Nazi flags. The negative optics are being manufactured by the altleft. That’s why I say we should pull speech permits everyday in every city and never show up. Without any real people to assault the altlefts phony Nazis would get beaten up by the altlefts mudterror squads. All while the cops have stand down orders.


      • AmRen doesn’t countersignal the alt right. Read their website. Have you listened to the speeches at AmRen? Yes, Jared Taylor has a blind spot when it comes to the JQ, but he’s done a lot in terms of advocating for Whites. More than you or me.

        AmRen is not virtue signaling. “AmRen had nothing to do with Charlottesville” is simple fact, and should be clearly stated when they’re being (((shut down))) as part of the “omg ebil nahzee terrorists in Charlottesville!” Fake News scandal.

        “Amren has consistently repudiated violence,” again, simply stating a fact. The Unite The Right rally organizers and attendees also repudiated violence repeatedly leading up to the event, and only acted in self defense when attacked by the Alt Left.

        Taylor even wrote a piece about Charlottesville:


        “There is a clear pattern to these events that not one mainstream outlet has noted. There is confrontation only when anti-whites harass and try to stop pro-white events. The reverse never happens. Lefties and non-whites can mount the most brazenly anti-white events, unmolested and with full media approval. It would be hard to imagine a clearer example of this contract—and of the entrenched bigotry we face—than yesterday’s events.”


    • We are going to make it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You know why we’re going to make it? Because your hearts are changed; your minds are changed; you’re WOKE! That’s not half the battle, that’s all of it.

        Stay that way, and it doesn’t matter what technocrats and media moguls try to do to you. We’ll always find other ways. We’ll always get back up again and running. We’re smarter and stronger than the lazy, degenerate, weak ideologues of our decadent times with their smartphone bravado and “Starbucks” energy. Just vote right and keep our Constitution righteous and the vision of our Founding Fathers intact and we’ll be safe. You’re safe here and within yourself, even if you’re surrounded by the misguided and the malevolent. Don’t despair and panic. These events are but things of the moment.

        There’s a sea change going on, and there are more “normies” on your side than you know: the disenfranchised silent majority, your fathers, mothers, and grandsires who remember better times, but have to remind themselves daily that is wasn’t all just a dream or mere nostalgia – help them speak clearly again. We need a third party in this country – if only temporarily, because our two have failed us and our President; a third party who can speak for them and to them, like Trump did; independents, if need be. We need to start sending new people to Congress. Enough of these damned, obstructionist, complacent, selfish old fools. Let’s find those new people and support them and elect them while we have a president who has faith in Heritage America and can still see its promise.


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  49. (( They )) couldn’t even wait, could they ? Notice the symbolism.

    Baltimore: Robert E. Lee Statue Replaced With Statue of Pregnant Black Woman



  50. From Gab:

    It is better to be poor and oppressed but white
    than rich and free but half-brown.

    — @Koanic

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    • on August 19, 2017 at 1:40 am Vagina dominator

      I actually believe this.

      For a start there’s no such thing as a free brown or Jew. They’re forever trapped in their envious non-whiteness, screaming to be like us.

      And there is nothing in the world so uplifting as to be white amongst other whites. Family. I’d sooner sit on the bus next to a white retard than whatsisname, that “genius” coon they keep pushing at us.

      At the very least there’s the fact that having one coon around guarantees that soon enough there’ll be a few more. Then the fun begins all over again.

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    • I would rather live ten years as a White person than 300 as a black or a Jew. Other races vary a bit, but those two, well it’s just sad. And what I mean by sad is, the few blacks or Jews that I do like, I will at some point look at them and think “poor soul”.


  51. on August 18, 2017 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

    I don’t think people believe the statue being taken down thing like it doesn’t fit in the brain for me I don’t get it but yea I ain’t studied 1984 book and such so yea
    obviously blacks won lol


    • on August 18, 2017 at 7:48 pm gunslingergregi

      or its jealousy that the new statues they make small as fuck and kind of suck compared to the old school shit kind of proving like tech aint all that but it is kind of nice but it don’t really make shit that necessarily lasts forever

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      • Sculpture is one of the highest form of art and it is unique to western world
        It does not allow for mistakes, once removed a small piece of marble cannot be put back
        Therefore it requires both an artistic vision of highest order and supreme artistic craft of execution


    • on August 18, 2017 at 7:49 pm gunslingergregi

      why did no more statue of liberty type statues get made


      • on August 19, 2017 at 1:42 am Vagina dominator

        Late 19th C, Jews started to get hold of art. Are you new here?


      • “This painting here? I bought it ten years ago for sixty thousand dollars. I could sell it today for six hundred. The illusion has become real, and the more real it becomes, the more desperately they want it. Capitalism at its finest.”

        G.G. – 1987


  52. CH… with regards to the wall, CBP is pretty happy since both ICE and CBP see that the rule of law is back on track as opposed to Bathhouse Barry’s admin. The numbers have (illeagals) have collapsed which is fantastic. With regards to trust busting aka Sherman Anti-Trust that’s a tough road. Fuckers on the Hill won’t touch the health care cartels b\c busting health care would cause an immediate depression//resession as excess fat is flushed out of the GDP and system.

    The left needs to be put to death by better ideas. These civ destroyers need to be put to death in the same way Al Qaeda perplexed special forces in Iraq in the early days: decentralized swat teams of command control at the cell level. A crowd source funded model and operational model that is in fact aligned with truth and beauty, soverignity, America first, global homo rejecting (finances and degenerative) will kill the adversarial parasites or modern left. Gab may be the platform; blockchain an enabler so too bitcoin models. Tea Party was destroyed by RINOs and Special Interest. Realtakers need organizational models that reject monied interests and since we are the half of the country that is productive and more importantly the other half of that are the real producers of value a platform needs to be developed that will kick homos like David Brock and collapse evil Soros. Yet, we all work have a life to live the model needs to tap collective real talk horsepower that is low on time demands…

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    • on August 18, 2017 at 8:32 pm The Philosopher

      Overall the alt right is winning.

      The reason the media (i.e. jews) are talking like this and acting like this is because its the first storm they’ve had in 40 years. And the storm is here because the internet can’t be censored like the publishing industry or the mass media or academia. At the end of the day the truth is the truth and it will make logical sense. Thats why its spreads faster than lies. Its inevitable.

      The president can’t say any of this though and has to be very careful. I am 100% certain trump knows blacks are stupider and higher testosterone, asians are the nerd race, jews are the high IQ gypsies etc etc. He is not a civic nationalist. His topic choices in speeches and campaigns are too odd to me to indicate a civic ‘i see only character, not genetics’ cuckold type.

      He’s basically a kind of meat shield. If hilary was there, I suspect ‘hate speech’ laws would happen, more wars for Zion and replacing of all police with antifa goons and minorities.

      Trump’s only real job to me is to basically say a few things now and then and use the bully pulpit to change the culture and be a leader. Like Teddy Roosevelt. Any legislation through jewish congress is a bonus. I think he can change both political parties he isn’t impeached or assassinated.

      If you remember Trump talking about the birth cert and the Kenya thing, which I think most people here think is a joke, I think he actually believed it in the sense that he instinctively thought obama was oddly perfect and a ‘just so’ blank slate. He is actually right that obama is a blank slate for brainwashed people to project unto. But saying he was a Kenyan was such a weird thing to promote as a (then) businessman with a very heavy media dependent income unless he had some pretty right wing friends.

      In an ironic way, the fake news is right that Trump really is a white nationalist. But they lied about so many things, it gets lost in the crapper and looks partisan.

      His mother was beaten up and brain damaged by an illegal immigrant. We should be delighted we have someone who has been a direct victim of the gloablists in the WH.

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      • on August 19, 2017 at 1:48 am Vagina dominator

        A lot of goyim knowing going on nowadays. Nice.

        Of course,a lot of people can’t be reached. The cud-chewing types, the ones who don’t want to know, like that. Can’t do anything about that as long as they are attached to Talmudvision.

        TV is a very powerful drug.But 1 million have cancelled cable in the US this year. So that’s good.


      • Yes. The Alt-Right is not only winning, they are dominating. This is why all this noise gets on my nerves. Just keep doing what you do best, inform. Information is so fucking valuable now, it’s crazy. Don’t fret, don’t get off your game. Just keep informing and gaming White bitches. And soulless fuck a few minorities just to even things up a bit. Keep your pimp hand strong, because what this really all boils down to is controlling our women. Our women are the ones who are being brainwashed the most and causing the men to be virtue signalling cucks.

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    • on August 19, 2017 at 1:54 am Carlos Danger

      crowd sourced right wing death squads- me likey

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      • I would rather go to war in an emotionless, ice cold, calculating manner than in a splurge of anger and offended broken pride. We need plans and resources. We need to be so organized and ready that when we strike the enemy will be devastate and confused beyond repair. We need to be almost demonic in how we do this. We are too human, too emotional, too worried at this point. That isn’t how you win a war like this.

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      • on August 21, 2017 at 11:12 pm Carlos Danger

        I agree. Therein lies the rub


  53. on August 18, 2017 at 7:59 pm gunslingergregi

    or just tell the truth whites are gonna really or have created ai and it aint a movie no more


    • on August 18, 2017 at 8:39 pm The Philosopher

      Thanks for that. There are lots of books banned here in Europe. Well shadow banned. Race, Evolution and Behaviour by JP Rushton and this one are impossible to find.


      • on August 18, 2017 at 8:53 pm The Philosopher

        A translation of Soletzhyin’s ‘200 hundred years together’ talking about jews in russia has never been done. He has a nobel prize in literature but ‘weirdly’, his book has never been translated and published in the West.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 1:49 am Vagina dominator

        I can’t explain it either. Hey, look over there, a squirrel!*

        *(This comment in honor of ML)

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      • The German translation goes by the tiny sum of 300 Euro, which is actually a smart way of censorship. Luckly you can find the book as pdf in the Internet.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 9:25 am Carlos Danger

        I can translate if we can find a copy in German, Russian or French

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    • @Heinrich

      What is the link to that, Heinrich?


  54. on August 18, 2017 at 9:52 pm gunslingergregi

    aww picking people for thousand years of peace


  55. on August 18, 2017 at 11:14 pm gunslingergregi

    1. Earth torn up, desolate, and dark.

    2. All wicked are dead on earth.

    3. Satan bound to this earth.

    4. Righteous judging in heaven.


    1. Devastating earthquake and hailstorm.

    1. Third coming of Jesus with the saints.
    2. Second coming of Jesus for the saints.

    2. Holy city descends onto the mount of Olives, which becomes a great plain.
    3. Righteous dead raised to life.

    3. Father, angels, righteous come with Jesus.
    4. Righteous given immortality.

    4. Wicked dead raised and Satan loosed.
    5. Righteous given bodies like that of Jesus.

    5. Satan deceives all nations. They surround the holy city.
    6. All righteous caught up into clouds.

    6. Wicked destroyed by fire.
    7. Living wicked slain by the Lord’s presence.

    7. New heavens and earth created.
    8. Wicked already in their graves remain dead.

    8. God’s people enjoy eternity with Jesus.
    9. Jesus takes righteous to heaven.

    10. Satan bound.


  56. A well known slave owner Jeanne d’Arc statue has been vandalized


    • They were bitchin’ about that one comin’ down too when that worthless fuck ( he comes from a long line of ’em ) Landrieu took the Lee and Beauregard statues down. I hope a Hurricane way bigger than Katrina wipes that God-forsaken craphole of a city off the face of the earth.


      • John where are Southern Men?
        What the hell is going on

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      • We went down there ( A group of us from my SCV camp ) and raised 9 kinds of hell the weekend before the asshole did the heinous act. The governor of the state of Lootsyanistan is a big time Obama ass-kissing Democrat, so no help there.
        Here in SW Mississippi where I live they ain’t about to get away with pulling that.
        Antifaggots show up here they can cancel their Holiday plans, if you get my drift.

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      • Good on you, John. Fuck these people.


    • on August 19, 2017 at 1:59 am Carlos Danger

      Niggers will pay dearly for this when it is over.

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    • It is not because she was slave owner or not (LOL!), it is because she represents some important part of white history. Do not think that even the busts and sculptures of our greatest artists will be spared. Beethoven will be smashed, Shakespeare too. Everything what is related to Whiteness will be razed.

      We are in the middle of a Cultural Revolution. Buy ammunition and trust our leaders. When the trumpet starts to call we will make our ancestors proud.
      There will be millions of armed men fighting to secure a future for our kids.

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      • Just look in that fag country of england, where busts of Shakespeare, FFS, are taken down at the likes of Oxford and Cambridge because of his white privilege. Organized by “english” ‘groids of course.

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    • Tell me honesty: Do you really believe it can be solved without spilling blood?


  57. antifa scum confronts right wing protestors in Barcelona just a day after the jihadist attacks
    they looks alike everywhere weak stupid and with a lots of ugly cunts in their midst


  58. What happens if you’re purged? Is there a back up site?

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    • on August 19, 2017 at 8:23 am Wrong Side of History

      A lot of nosy ned first-time commenters recently.


    • “A lot of nosy ned first-time commenters” . . . LOZLZOLZOLZOZ!!!

      Why how now, sweetside? Did Shoshana Priori snatch your hot crush’s number at the water cooler?

      Poor thing. But really you shouldn’t become a (((race-traitor))) out of pique. Don’t you have any pride at all?

      Or is that a five-shekel world to you people?

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      • on August 20, 2017 at 12:45 am Carlos Danger

        Don’t you have yellow fever?


      • “Don’t you have yellow fever?”


        hey carlos, don’t you have some work to do? You offered to translate Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” for us all if only “we” could find a copy in “German, French, or Russian”.

        You also gave an amazon link to some pop culture shit (national lampoon’s back issues, was it?) above, which you’ve been enjoying.

        Well, since you don’t know how to use amazon, I just looked and, voila, “we” have found you a complete hardcover two volume set in Russia, starting at $129.99.

        I won’t trouble mod with a link (we never know how that’ll work out), but I trust you can go on amazon and find it yourself, sans difficulty.

        Well get cracking, carlos. Since you’re the St. Jerome of the Cool Kids of the Alt-Right I guess we might have to miss you for a while.

        Or were you just thinking of running it through google translate?


      • He’s lying about that, of course. His entire blog used to be one long paean to K- and J-pop. You know, the big-eyed chicks in bunny ears and shit. He’s also a teacher of some sort in Asia, as he used to write about on the same blog after he wiped it of the yellow fever stuff.


  59. Rebel Media in Canada here seems to be imploding (everybody quitting or getting fired). And it’s because Ezra Levant (Jewish founder of Rebel Media) can’t help himself – he keeps doing sleazy stuff.

    It seems like what probably happened is Rebel Media was representing themselves as somewhat alt-right (or maybe better said ‘true west’), until recent current events forced the JQ hot potato onto Ezra’s table. Then Ezra began playing interference on that front, and it all went south from there. At least that’s my take (and there is quite a bit of evidence for this perspective)

    Same thing every single time. The ‘their own worst enemies’ thing. Except I expect Ezra to land on his feet somehow (he always does – that cat has already had many lives it seems)

    David Frum is another Canadian jewish media type and political operator, who has a long history as an influential operator within the American political scene, who has a long history of saying weird things, that appears to be attempts at smokescreening for Jewish Retard influence (at least to my mind). And I’m pretty sure this take on David Frum isn’t paranoia (though many will paint it that way). The poz has taken in a strange way on Canada – eh?


    • The original version by The Band is much better. Joan Baez is a hippie femtwat of the first order. Levon Helm, raised in Turkey Scratch, Ark. God bless the South.

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      • on August 19, 2017 at 9:21 am Days of Broken Arrows

        Baez also got some of the lyrics wrong. It’s “Stoneman’s Cavalry,” not “so much cavalry.” She also makes Robert E. Lee, the general, into a boat, by changing the line “there goes Robert E. Lee” into “there goes THE Robert E. Lee.” She later said she recorded it without a lyric sheet and just sang whatever she thought the original singer, Levon Helm, had sung.

        But you have to give her credit for popularizing the this song. She took it to #3 in 1971 and it was a platinum-selling single for her.

        The Band, who did the original, were not a big singles act and the best they ever did in that realm was getting “Up On Cripple Creek” to #25. So, good for Baez for getting the masses to sing along with this song and giving a kick to the rousing chorus by adding in a bunch of background singers to it.


      • Cripple Creek +111


      • Never could stand Joan Baez’s voice – her forced, exaggerated vibrato just rubbed me the wrong way, even as a 12yr old in 1969..


    • on August 19, 2017 at 6:45 am Carlos Danger


    • on August 19, 2017 at 12:57 pm Carlos Danger

      Cultural appropriation

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  60. In Remembrance of Things Lost


    • I always liked that song. Most apropos for where we’re at now.


    • Lovely singer. I just read about her on Infogalactic. She was 18 in that performance. She is Welsh, brought up in a Welsh-speaking household.

      Very nice song, but it was just watching her face that made the video a treat. She displays what men like: sweetness, cheerfulness. No poz, no lotsas cockas semen leaking out from under her eyelids.

      It’s quite difficult to sing and smile at the same time. The natural mouth formation is “oval” like opera singers do during their arias.


      • It is that face full of youthful innocence and joy that captured me
        It reminded me that for years I’ve been surrounded by poz, carrying its heavy burden of ugliness without fully realizing the weight of it


  61. The Hebes want us to leave their safe space. They want more quality time with Idi Amin, Mohammad and Torquemada’s Mexican Legacy.


  62. Trump should offer up the whitehouse mlk bust for recycling. An offer of peace and getting on the bandwagon. Another angle is all universities older than 50 years have lots of ‘bad’ white founders. Yes they are changing building names but the mob of whitewashing needs to be reminded that isn’t enough. Altleft needs to tear down the universities.


  63. Headlines we would like to see :

    After Charlottesville Battle, Antifa Foot Soldiers Return Home to Whitetopia

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  64. Perhaps the true reason Confederate monuments must come down is that they stand as silent reminders to those who have taken possession of their magnificent architecture that they have not erected and will never be capable of erecting anything comparable. The very bricks taunt them.

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    • on August 19, 2017 at 6:57 am The Philosopher

      Its brainwashing. Most of the antifa or CTRL left are misfits who dont have enough social intelligence. They have grievances from a lifetime of being bullied. So they want to help the jews upend the order. Nietzsche 101.


    • This is just the beginning. Once the intellectuals have fathomed that slaves formed the bricks and layed them down under white direction they will demand most historic architecture be razed or turned into museums of oppression. This is Year Zero for the left.


  65. it’s a good time to donate to CH. the Chateau’s war chest needs your shekels more than ever.

    sending $$ your way, CH. thanks for keeping the lights on. -pj

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    • Be ready for the 404 one day when you load up CH. After all the shenanigans with Anglin, contingency plans should be in place. Gab seems like the most reliable clearinghouse for shitlords to get updated information — but even they are being targeted (app removed from Android and Apple stores).

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      • Old chest-puffer needs his internet security blanket

        Stupid goy


      • on August 19, 2017 at 8:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Well, it’s sundown on (((the Sabbath))), and, like clockwork, Muh L@bia is back to spread the Demoralization. Can’t be breaking (((that precious Sabbath))).


  66. on August 19, 2017 at 8:15 am Wrong Side of History

    I had to drop Bing as my homepage.

    Multiple headlines this week portraying the alt-left scourge as noble fighters against white supremacy.


    • Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine. And it erases your search history, too. Never use Goolag, unless it is your last resort.

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      • Youre nuts? Do some research on DuckDuck. It is a mere honey-pot for people departing Goolag. I have to be honest, I ve fell for it too.
        Its like KFC taking shots at McDonalds for unhealty food. Id say, the safe way for search is currently Yandex.


  67. it’s sinking with me that the truth is irrelevant to these nutcases. I knew it before, but now I understand that suppressing the truth is a matter of life and death for them. they will kill you just for believing/knowing that things could/should be better.

    and the “otherwise intelligent but unwoke” can easily be programmed to kill their own kind by manipulating their emotions, “bravery”, “loyalty”, “patriotism”, “compassion”, etc. a la The Greatest Generation.

    unless the information war is won FIRST, stupidity will rule the battlefield.

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    • on August 19, 2017 at 10:15 am Captain Obvious

      The biology is the culture, and Cultural Wars are Biological Wars.


      • but Cap, look what kind of wars our own biological constituents get themselves into when they don’t have the right info…


      • on August 19, 2017 at 11:03 am Captain Obvious

        Wanna hazard a guess as to both the Female and Male Total Fertil!ty Rates of the Antifa?

        All of the worst Sh!tlib chicks of my acquaintance have [Female] TFRs of just about precisely 0.0, and it’s probably less than that for the gamma-manboobed-pajama-boy lisping effete Male Sh!tlib TFRs.

        The Frankfurt School Cultural Wars are driving the malleable compliant narrative-driven large-insula/small-amygdala Sh!tlibs straight into extinction.

        Cultural Wars are BIOLOGICAL WARS.


      • “The Frankfurt School Cultural Wars are driving the malleable compliant narrative-driven large-insula/small-amygdala Sh!tlibs straight into extinction.”

        interesting. so the malleable greatest generation begot the malleable free love generation begot the malleable barren antifa scum generation which begot exactly nothing.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 11:17 am Captain Obvious

        “interesting. so the malleable greatest generation begot the malleable free love generation begot the malleable barren antifa scum generation which begot exactly nothing.”


        “Culture” is a perfect reflection of Biology, and Cultural Wars are BIOLOGICAL WARS.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 11:26 am Captain Obvious

        It’s why we Whites will never be able understand the jews.

        We Whites think in terms of Love & Truth & the Logos. Sincerity, fidelity, a sense of fair play. Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Every manner of Universal Principle which is utterly foreign to the jews [and to all the other races, for that matter].

        The jews [as far as I can tell] think in terms of “What Lie can I get away with telling today in order to convince the Shkotzim idiots to do my bidding? And what groundwork must I lay today in order to get away with telling an even more believable, more effective & more productive Lie tomorrow?”

        To understand the jews, you have to imagine yourself as something akin to a colony of Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria which are about to attack an otherwise healthy human child in the Newborn Nursery.

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      • Read this article for understanding the mental differences in Jewish/White thinking, using the example of Pamela Geller, Jewish free speech activist and anti-jihadist.



      • Try to point out on her blog that the current Islamic onslaught – the very same Geller now pretends to fight – has been carried, promoted and master-minded by Jews – your comment will be censored.
        Nonetheless we can get some valuable information from the Jewish mind set (Is it good for us Jews?).

        The fact that some powerful Jewish faction now supports the restoration of the US translates to: The West is very close to collapse. If the West descends into anarchy or becomes Islamic, it will most likely cause the total destruction of Israel. which is obviously not good the Jews.


  68. Whatever we do, we must be sure that we are not getting played by some other hand. The enemy has the means to stage an event like 9/11 and totally blame it on 3rd world goat herder and a majority believes it. No more wars for Israel! Let us win the hearts of the Arab Nations and make peace in the Middle East.
    It will save humanity.


  69. a suggestion for the next WN peace march: go dressed as absurb exaggerations of antifa, carrot man, blue haired fatties, low t manlets and pajama boys. anything that shows you’re mocking the left.

    another option: plan a huge rally and don’t show up.

    IOW, be anything but FUCKING PATHETICALLY PREDICTABLE. we lose the upper hand the moment we start talking ourselves as seriously as antifa goons.

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    – sun tzu

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  70. on August 19, 2017 at 9:54 am Captain Obvious

    Women with anorexia nervosa or bulimia are up to four times more likely to be convicted of theft – often petty thefts like shoplifting – compared to peers without eating disorders, according to results from a large Swedish study. https://www.yahoo.com/news/eating-disorders-linked-history-theft-201823117.html


  71. Like

  72. (((they))) do not even hide anymore
    Teach your children to never forgive or forget

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    • It’s a good time fore ‘Don’t Worry Child…” conversations. Kids are feeling scared. Through fear they can be led to a solution… whatever they believe will give them comfort IS the solution.

      It’s time for the right to let go of the black and red… leave that imagery to Antifa… Redo the memes – happy children, comfort, security, abundance, peace… backed by an unwavering resolve to keep them safe.

      Redo this with new imagery – someone with the skills… do it…. Kids, playing, kids growing up, mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, family gatherings…


    • Everyone should watch that video “So You’re About to Become a Minority. They utilize the exact nostalgic imagery of a free prosperous and white America and show the future as bleak and dystopic for minority white Americans…

      Oh how ironic. Somebody is going to get fired over at HuffPo… This is exactly what we need (without the snark) to win hearts and minds.

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      • It’s just like that song CH has up on Welcome, America, where some spergy canuck thought he was being clever by mocking old values of the 50s and instead makes a damn good song celebrating a free, prosperous and White America.

        These dolts aren’t self-aware since they’re sold their soul–there is no self, only their groupthink. They’re like robots.

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  73. Free speech in Germany…”you can March but only 1 flag per 50 people allowed…only 1 Wagner tune allowed”

    It’s a parody if it weren’t so serious


  74. Tomi Lauren is apparently burning some coal.



    • on August 19, 2017 at 4:24 pm traitors first

      where’s the family guy gif of projectile vomit when I need it

      and yeah most definitely ……. traitors first


    • True or not, it’s disgusting. I don’t care if he turns out to be Trump’s bestest golf buddy, you don’t NEED to associate with ‘groids, they’re toxic, JUST DON’T DO IT!


    • i’ve never liked her or lauren southern. they probably do bring people into the cause so that’s good but neither of them act the way young women should.

      way too abrasive and manly. and they are attention whores to boot. not great examples for young women at all.

      we’d be better off with some hot feminine ladies who speak out in ladylike ways with good manners. better role models for the young girls out there watching.

      i’m thinking a younger kimberly guilfoyle

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      • dana perino isn’t as great looking but she seems pretty dignified and well mannered too. we need more of that.

        when our women come off just as crude, abrasive and ill mannered as the women on other side, it doesn’t manner how hot they are, it makes us looks bad and like ours are no better than the average ballbusting feminist


  75. PS – fourht comment inmodz….


  76. PJ – re safety and security – point made in modz…

    Trump won with m8rried women. They need safety and security and breeding. It’s evo bio psych 101. They are not interested in throwing piss bags or bottles. They need strong men keeping them safe, and the imagery of that bygone time of peace and prosperity will give them that feeling.. we can tap this.


  77. We will be victorious if we speak the truth. The human soul is yearning for truth. Let’s keep this in mind as we live our life.


    • …and just to make sure that the concept of “Truth” does not get erased from this planet we should gain control of some 100 nukes. With a strong father and the right teaching our sons will immune to the Poz. They will be in the right positions in 20 years and make sure that our genes live on.


  78. on August 19, 2017 at 12:09 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

    Enough of this alt right. Let’s just call ourselves the White Party. Link it in the normies’ minds to the White Russians vs the Red Communists, since it IS the same eternal Enemy.


    • I like Maul Right. Gives is a testosterone fueled edge to it.


    • No. The Unity Party or Prosperity Party. We can’t keep falling into the same intentional divisive traps… Think how they think. If you oppose the White Party you hate whites… OK. But if you oppose the Unity Party you hate unity and stand for Disunity.

      white / black

      Man / woman

      cat / dog

      Doesn’t matter it’s still one against another. We need to claim universal ideals to win hearts and minds.

      DGK always… get off the wheel they put out there.


  79. I have been arguing at least since the beginning of this decade (2011), that the right should put itself on a war footing.

    The Right or conservatism in the Anglo-American context means anti-ideology. Ideology means using a prearranged set of ideas (“muh principles”), matching them to emerging controversies and conflicts on the ground, and drawing up political alliances based on general agreement (50%+ alignment with your ally), or in extreme cases based on purity (100% alignment or apostasy).

    We reject ideology because we are wise. We maintain faith in first things, we know history, we trust the judgment of our confreres. Wisdom is the tool that helps us understand the appropriate reaction to developing circumstances. Maintaining this wisdom requires freedom of thought, which is the number-one target of ideologues of every stripe.

    In practical terms and as the cold civil war warms up, cohesiveness means rallying around a single standard. We cannot define ourselves through principles, which can only be understood in retrospect and during times of peace and contemplation. “Alt-right” and “alt-light” and “white nationalism” and “classical liberalism” are all very interesting topics to parse when the barbarians are not at the gate. What should be the MRA’s position on such and such vs the PUA’s vs the MGTOW’s vs the Roosh Masculinists vs the tradcons vs the christcucks vs odinists? It is necessary to make distinctions on any given subject, but those are activities for peacetime. Now is the eve of war, the day before the Day of Days. Whether that war is a “culture” war or a “cold” war or a “civil” war, the years of preparation are drawing swiftly to a close.

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    • Fuck you. War.

      — Andrew Breitbart

      When the war goes hot, we don’t rally around ideas. We rally around allegiances and symbols of that allegiance, and most of all, we rally around men. We defer our differences of opinion past victory. We appoint promising executives to positions of leadership, and then we follow them. We are lucky, if not literally blessed, to have a leader to guide us into, through, and out of this war. President Donald J. Trump.

      We have interviewed this man for the executive position for over two years now, we have seen him tested in small ways and large. He isn’t perfect because no man is perfect. But he fights, he leads, and he wins. Of all the victories we could have hoped for in those two years, none was more important than his. I would have traded Brexit, LePen, Congress, the Supreme Court, any of them or all of them, to have a great man in place in most powerful country in history on the eve of war for our civilization. And we have that.

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    • Who will be the Executive’s officers and subcommanders? Where are Trump’s NCO’s? If you seek to lead:

      1) Study history, especially the run up to the Civil War, from the deferred constitutional arrangements, the Missouri Compromise, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, the election of Lincoln. Don’t be daft and conjure sweeping parallels to our time; don’t try to fit the substance of their controversies over ours; rather, understand how the cold clash of ideas in the century prior manifested themselves into hot conflict. That progression is very relevant to today even if the substance is not. For one, we are not even close to being territorially organized — the separations are virtual. Understanding the transformation of ideas into war will help us either strategize for victory or, pray God, help us prevail without resorting to force.

      2) Study fourth-generation warfare. Don’t make the mistake of fighting the last war. Anticipate the future and what it means to get inside the enemy’s OODA loop before he gets into ours. Don’t underestimate the power of zealots, which is what they are.

      3) Prepare for the worst. Don’t be caught complaining or begging for time after the gook manages to get in the wire.

      4) And rally around your leaders. Again, the eve of war is not the time to bicker about who deserves the glory (and the crushing burden) of leadership. You Go To War with The Army You Have, not the army you wish you had. When TSHTF, toward whom will men gravitate as an NCO? As an NCO, who among potential officers do you judge worthy to follow into battle? And as officers, how prepared are you and your men to offer your support to the Commander-in-Chief?

      Think of the men in your social circle. It would be nice if they were red-pilled and aware of what is about to happen. But don’t judge them according to present wokeness: the war will red pill them sufficiently. What will distinguish them is their character — their ability to face up to the new reality vs the tendency to escape back into the false comfort of platitude and ideology. You can make those kind of character judgments privately now, even as you prepare them according to opportunity for their eventual awakening.

      If this little message board were a community, we all have our suspicions about who would rise to leadership and who would stay prisoner to their ideologies.

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      • on August 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm Carlos Danger

        The Russian Revolution and follow on civil war is the closer model to this conflict. The North and South still saw one another as brethren to an extent and both sides were deeply Christian with many common cultural and religious ties. That is no longer the case. These guys will be committing Ustashi style atrocities if they gain power. The level of treachery and deceit and the fact that we now have to fear our own communist infiltrated government are further similarities. 4th Generation Warfare is also a relevant work, as is General Giap’s memoirs.


      • You’re all far too paranoid and self-important to be a community, of course.

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      • UsTasha dindu nuffin, cathcuck

        (from the “this is why we lose” archives)

        ps. To understand this catchcuck’s level of cuckery please note that Ustashi were the PAPIST militia in that tribal conflict, and were wiped out in an infamous atrocity by BrozTito’s Bolshevik militia.

        Why, if ustasha atrocities wouldn’t exist, they’d need to be invented

        Any resembles between usTasha “atrocities” and the six gorrilion is surely cohencedetal

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      • on August 20, 2017 at 12:39 am Carlos Danger

        Do you know how to read Oink? Ustashi style atrocities. You know like the Bolsheviks and the rest of you merry tribesmen. You guys must be scared of me. Oink and Lucy Suck Much on my tail all at once.


      • u threw ur fellow papists under the bus for some shitlib-like virtue signaling (“look at meeee … I am not like the eeeveeel ustasha”)

        the purridan has cucked you well
        this is why we lose

        P.S. KKK dindu nuffin!


      • ML, you aren’t even worthy of commenting on King’s topics, much less rendering him advice. If you only knew how pathetic you are. Maybe if you started learning from your betters instead of showing your jealous ignorant ass at every turn.

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      • king has never brought an original point to the table. what he does is take a point most already acknowledge and claim to have tabled it, then belabors it with extra-long comments and a lot of condescension and sophistry (though nowhere nearly as much as greg, whose entire m.o. is sophistry). it should be totally uncontroversial to note that he’s always been egotist, whatever our respective merits as men. mine indeed are few, but one thing i do know – perhaps for that very reason – is when a man is aggrandizing himself so that others will mistake him for something important, when really, as far as the value of information, he’s basically unoriginal. take that comment above: it’s a long version of everything i was saying in another thread about “being ready”, but looking down his nose at the rest of us, and pretending that there’s a community of dissidents for us to take refuge in. would YOU take refuge with incessantly grandstanding types like matt king and greg eliot, or would you shoot them at the first opportunity? trick question: in a post-collapse scenario, it’s guys like this who’d be the first to try to lord it over you for being more modest in your goals. think negan.


      • i don’t know why tomjones likes all my comments but i do appreciate the support. the real bravery is, of course, in standing up to the herd even as they snort & stampede at one with their moral condemnations. like all of you. anyone who would trust a man like matt king over one like me could have a bright future as a subordinate, whereas with me, you might have a real comrade, and at any rate someone who wouldn’t find joy in putting other men down for the pleasure of hearing his own voice and a getting monopoly on females. you’d better believe that’s king at bottom. anyone selecting the grandiose, moralistic parts of the bible to browbeat you is the guy who wants to enlist you in his will. other side of his mouth, he “appropriates nietzsche”, because why not? king’s only real value is his himself.


      • MuhLabia, you’ve been called out as an asshole and general shill (or stooge for ’em, which is an even greater shame) by just about every poster on this blog.

        This latest bullshit attempt of yours reeks of desperation.

        Take a hike, kike.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • on August 19, 2017 at 1:05 pm Wrong Side of History


      We need to be empirical and ditch all that Levantine religious baggage.

      Feel me?

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      • Leave your come ons in the bath house queet.


      • You are a pristine example of the useless ideologue, and thanks for the demonstration. You would have men who are 90% allied clawing at each other’s eyes over quibbles as the enemy breaches the perimeter.

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      • atheism for thee but not for ((mee))?!

        No can do, ((friend))

        What Saul and Caiafas did cannot be undone, ((wishes)) to the contrary notwithstanding


      • “You are a pristine example of the useless ideologue, and thanks for the demonstration. You would have men who are 90% allied clawing at each other’s eyes over quibbles as the enemy breaches the perimeter.”

        i propose that you’re a pristine example of the type who wants nothing more than to be recognized as superior by other men for the purpose of subordinating them to your will. while in itself not dishonorable – we’re both nietzscheans, though you’re opportunistic about it, switching between the immoralist and the most repugnantly moralistic passages of the bible as it suits your vanity – this process is usually less than voluntary, and so far you’ve given no one reason to have such a high opinion of you beyond your self-important bloviating which, apparently, these other “yeggs” find the height of wisdom.


    • This isn’t a specific plan but it is a mental architecture around which the specifics will reveal themselves to men of preparation and character. There is no substitute for on-the-ground judgment, which is how the white western man has always dominated the battlefield. We don’t win through faggy “activism” and complaint and rallies for free speech. We play into the hands of the degenerate enemy when we present ourselves as a counter-mob that accidentally visits violence on fat women. We win because we have always had the best NCO’s in the field who react instantly to changing circumstances and bypass the fog of war. Our violence is organized and deliberate, the reputation of which has allowed us to use it sparingly and under great restraint since Nagasaki. The merest hint of our controlled savagery has sufficed to keep the peace. A single demonstration against those who have abandoned the western efficiency is likely to remind them that we suffer their vilification of us — and their very existence — by our own patience and self-restraint. One too many pokes at the sleeping lion.

      Let the enemy think like ideologues and be destroyed thereby. We think like NCO’s, and a network of leadership will fall into place the moment it is needed. Such is the clarity that the prospect of war affords. Adversity introduces a man to himself. The “muh principles” types panic and reveal themselves, as they are even now — compare the last three GOP nominees and their response to the slightest hint of open violence. Men of character and without ideology become almost universally recognizable when we cut through the fake rancor of peacetime.

      We’ve had the better part of a decade to prepare for what comes next. There is no excuse for being caught unprepared.


      • We don’t win if sufficient numbers if Whites aren’t woken up. That’s what those rallies are about — drawing attention to the issue of White identity, especially with young White men and boys. The civic organizations and churches have been either destroyed or so thoroughly pozzed that they are of no use in getting our message out. Rallies won’t solve the problem but the goal is to raise a sense of White identity (which is almost gone) in the younger generation.

        Continuing what we’ve been doing is a recipe for heading down the same road we’ve been on for decades, and I don’t see any evidence of a spontaneous White reaction, and don’t think one would come until our numbers got so dismal and our situation so bad as to approach South Africa.

        As to your point about territorial organization, while we’re not organized along state lines anymore, we’ve got a pretty clear separation between major urban areas on the one hand and “everywhere else” on the other. That is something to work with. Trump’s actions against sanctuary cities is a battle drawn along those lines.

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    • Exactly. Uniting behind “Unity” is enough for now. Poland did it with Solidarity. We can have the legacy of the Unite the Right disaster be a positive with everyone coming under the Unity umbrella.

      Unity Party


      • on August 19, 2017 at 8:23 pm Vagina dominator

        I wouldn’t want to be part of a Unity Party. Not being facetious.

        I would rather be part of a Separation party. Catalonian separatism. Basque Separatism. White separatism. I don’t want to varnish my opinions. There is nothing wrong with my opinions that I should hide them from the everyday person. My views are in fact humane and caring, of people and social relations and the world. But they are realistic views na world floating on fantasy.

        I don’t want to hide. For me, that’s most of the point of my political and social views. In a solely white society, I don’t have to hide my opinions in case someone gets upset.

        The overall problem with the way we go about choosing these names – and I am not attacking anyone here – is that the names seem to be chosen with the underlying intention of trying to disguise what the party is about. They are inherently dishonest.

        Also, I think that if one were to create a party of an organization, it is first required that it be very clearly stated what its purpose is. To run for school boards? To capture local Republican party branches? To fund research?

        This is what the jews did – piece by piece over 150 years they took control of grass-roots organizations – , but they did it with the backing of enormous amounts of money. They had control of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

        They didn’t have to face the difficult task of persuading anyone to sincerely adopt any particular worldview or ask them to act against their own short term interests. They just PAID them. They still pay them. Media. Politics. Universities. Big corps. Low level community organizers. Bussed-in protesters. People aren’t leftists because it makes sense and it is the right ting to do.They all get PAID!

        So that is the true focus point of power: the money power. When that is gone, it all evaporates, like an airplane that can fight gravity until the fuel is gone. Then it simply drops to the ground.

        So I am not trying to Black pill anyone here. I am not sobbing into a tissue and crying “How can we beat them, the have all of the money!” In fact – everyone knows my views on this – I think time is running out on their money system and social order and it is going to devastate the US when it comes.

        That is also why I say that when those testing times come, what will matter most will not (with apologies to Cappie) be birth rates, but survival rates.

        So it ,may be wise to organize to fight rear guard actions, rhetorically, and to spread the words to get ready for what is coming, and to make time to prepare.

        It all puts me in mind of the words of Arthur Conan Doyle, in his “The Great Boer War”.

        “The concealed Mauser and the bandolier were dug up once more from the trampled corner of the cattle kraal, and the farmer was a warrior once again.”

        You can’t dig it up if you haven’t first buried it. So maybe a useful organization would have as its task not the winning of elections but the informing of Whites as to what is coming and encouraging them to get digging.


      • We are already where we want to be. We don’t want to seperate. We want to send those outside elements back. We want others to leave.

        Seperatist movements are d o a in the real world. This is about getting as many as we can on the bus for one last ditch push.

        Separatists are fringe groups and cannot be financed… Cannot get their message out.

        Play right into Alinsky methods.


      • Basque, Catalan, Irish, Quebec, Tibet…. Not a winning move.

        SA and Rhodesia down for the count.

        This is about winning not about virtue.


      • on August 19, 2017 at 8:42 pm Vagina dominator

        “One last push”.

        I am simply asking for clarity – in practical terms – as to what that push would look like. It is a push for what? With what goal in mind?

        Good luck in electoral politics.

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      • “I am simply asking for clarity – in practical terms – as to what that push would look like. It is a push for what? With what goal in mind?”

        Fair question. I don’t think any of us know precisely.

        In my view, if societal / political / economic disarray reaches a certain level, I think we have a shot at empowering a quasi-authoritarian government (whether constitutional or not really doesn’t matter, when the constitution has been shown to simply mean whatever 5 asshats say it means) that will do some of all of the following:
        – seal the borders, no more non-White immigration, with an unabashed policy of returning this country to its historic demographic makeup;
        – physically remove illegals, jail employers caught hiring illegals;
        – end all forms of anti-White discrimination (affirmative action, etc.);
        – crack down on crime (resulting in even more nonwhites behind bars)
        – cut-off the flow of gibs that currently constitute a nonwhite breeding program, perhaps even begin subsidize eugenics-based policies such as mandatory sterilization for violent felons and for any women who has even 1 kid for whom she needs state support to keep it from starving in the streets;
        – default on the national debt, throw in the towel on the petro-dollar, end the Fed;
        – enact and enforce stringent decency / anti-obscenity laws, breaking the power of the jewish media in the process.

        If at least some of these things were carried out, I think the country would slowly return to a healthy majority-White nation with a strong sense of White identity.

        Pipe dream? Perhaps. In my opinion, it’s the most peaceful way out of this mess.

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      • [It is a push for what? With what goal in mind?]

        Some of the basic goal(s), in no particular order, would be:

        1. An uncompromising preservation of ALL our constitutional rights and freedoms.

        2. An economic nationalism that will (once again) restore our political independence from undue foreign and corporate influence, and check our massive un-(and under)-employment.

        3. The integrity of our national borders and sovereignty in all world affairs – i.e. “The Wall”, virtual or actual, depending on all the variables of feasibility, practicality, and technology.

        4. A severe reduction (or total elimination) of the unneeded flood of immigration – ALL immigration, with severe penalties imposed on employers who knowingly undercut available American labor by hiring Illegal aliens with wages paid “under the table”.

        5. Restore the primacy of the English language, and eliminate labor discrimination against English-only-speaking Americans seeking work and legally allow for a return to the use of intelligence and aptitude tests in hiring rather than an exclusive emphasis on academic degree, except where necessary for professional qualifications.

        6. A total suspension of all government-mandated affirmative action policies and quota systems as unconstitutional.

        7. A return to vocational training in education, with an emphasis (again) on basic intellectual skills, such as grammar, arithmetic, &c., with a concomitant de-emphasis on wasteful and time-and-dollar-consuming “social studies” programs that achieve nothing practical for the student and seek to forcefully impose social engineering upon the private (and constitutionally-protected) affairs of unwilling families.

        8. The elimination of public worker unions – such as teachers, for example.

        9. The repeal of Obamacare, with a gradual transition away from massively subsidized entities such as Medicare, and back toward a pre-1950s “catastrophic-only” use of health insurance with an emphasis on competition, innovation, consumer-orientation, cash payment and financing with practical (and sensible) safety nets as needed.

        10. Either an end to, or serious overhaul of, the much-abused refugee programs currently in existence; a repatriation of all foreign visa-holders; and an English language-requirement for all those resident aliens actively seeking citizenship.

        All of which were once taken for granted; and all of which have been practically dissolved around us, with the hell that has followed after. Many of the societal ills of multiculturalism, resulting in our famous “Diversity + Proximity = War” equation can in fact be traced back to the elimination of these once basic American principles and practices and the deterioration and disparagement of much of our collective American culture, national traditions, and positive social intangibles epitomized by Sentient’s Rockwell imagery.

        I think it’s enough to get us started…


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      • on August 20, 2017 at 3:30 am Carlos Danger

        Mauser 98 is an awesome rifle, especially the big ones.


      • on August 20, 2017 at 4:49 am Vagina dominator

        @ Democritus

        By “a push for what” I meant more immediate and concrete and measurable goals. Something more like “a push for representation of our views in congress”. “Our goal for the next election cycle is to get one Nazi elected”.

        So then there would be certain steps to take to achieve that and an organization of the appropriate design could be created.

        For example, if someone said they were starting a “Freedom of Association Party” – great name right? Who could disagree with that? – that was going to – through various strategies – attempt to return to people their right to associate with people and ideas that they like and not have people and ideas they do not like imposed upon them, then I would say, “what a fine idea”.

        So if you don’t want to make a cake celebrating National Sodomy Day, you can decline to do so.

        Many US citizens would be in favor of that. Normies, for example.

        Is the right to freedom of association in the Constitution. Gotta be there somewhere? Anyone got a spare penumbra?


      • Vagina Dominator

        Brief due to phone. But here.

        Formost a push for Uniting hearts and mind to our cause. Giving people a way to support the overarching goal in a ssfe way without being labaled a jate or domestic terrorist group. To be able to get the message out and build scale and communications links.

        This also will neccesitate funding and funding brings with it the opportunity for political activism and broad advocacy.

        Think of how Sinn Fein operated.

        You may think electoral politics are a dead end but now is the time for a third party. With 2018 looming Trump can excercise his power and unite his base. He needs to openely break with the traitorous GOP and campaign for Unity Party candidates in 2018. As you can see from the Freedom Caucucks we are at the point where a small third party can command significant political power and more importantly money and a platform.

        10 Unity Senators would be very powerful.

        Make no mistake there is likely no political solution to the end game, however galvanizing Trump’s base to allow open communication, organization and fund raising is going to be very important in any non political context.

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      • Sentient, how would you feel about extending the name to The AMERICAN Unity Party?


      • @Vagina dominator

        Most of these concerns fall within “planks” #1 and #7 in my hypothetical “platform”.


      • Democritus

        I would avoid American Unity because it places a condition on unitu that is exclusionary and not a universal ideal.

        We are going after the normies. We need to use the same tactics the left has used. Say one thing but really have another end in mind

        “Diversity is our strength” is an accepted truth as a result. Similarly I think Unity is something that normies have been conditioned to believe in blindly after decades of propagandizing.

        Turn it back on them. Signal safety and security and prosperity and peace with imagery.

        Even 3 Senators would have influence. Look at the Alabama race now. There is strong support for an alternative to big GOP Mitch McConnell politics. Conservatives are trying to fill the gap but they are cucks of another stripe.

        The anger at congress and angst are a tinder pile, Trump can shine a strong light on this. He is a de facto third party.


      • VD’s reluctance notwithstanding, I’d nominate him as Chief of Security… Great video.


      • There is already alot of reactionary groups to pull together, the Dark Enlightenment guys, Peter Theil etc.


        Trim off the christianity and anti social liberalism and it becomes very marketable.


      • “The phenomenon is still with us. One of the strangest developments in the 2016 election has been the spectacle of West Coast Straussians who champion Trump—and lustily denounce his critics—in various forums, including the Claremont Review of Books, a well-written quarterly edited by Charles Kesler, and on Web sites like the Journal of American Greatness, billed as the “first scholarly journal of radical #Trumpism,” since reborn as the Web site American Greatness. Twenty or so Claremonsters are also among the more than a hundred “Scholars and Writers for America” who recently declared Trump “the candidate most likely to restore the promise of America.”

        Imperfect though Trump may be, the argument goes, he has all the right enemies: Beltway insiders, academics, “social scientists, media pundits, and policy professionals,” as Clarence Thomas’s tutor John Marini wrote. These are Strauss’s relativists and nihilists, who have perpetrated “regime change” at home, destroying the republic, or trying to. Trump’s redemptive greatness begins in his fearless opposition to political correctness, “a serious and totalist politics, aspiring to open the equivalent of a vast reeducation camp for the millions of defective Americans,” Kesler says. It would seem that reactionaries, while they inhabit our world, are not really of it. “They believe that the only sane response to an apocalypse is to provoke another, in hopes of starting over,” Lilla writes. This, too, is a lesson of Weimar. With luck, we won’t have to learn it”



      • “I don’t want to varnish my opinions. There is nothing wrong with my opinions that I should hide them from the everyday person.”

        “I don’t want to hide. For me, that’s most of the point of my political and social views. In a solely white society, I don’t have to hide my opinions in case someone gets upset.”

        “The overall problem with the way we go about choosing these names – and I am not attacking anyone here – is that the names seem to be chosen with the underlying intention of trying to disguise what the party is about. They are inherently dishonest.”

        the idea behind the ‘unity’ party is not to pretend that we’re a big rainbow family, but rather to bring together enough of the presently-nebulous disenfranchised whites to win the war for white hearts and minds that is already well underway.

        if hiding one’s intentions in war is not an honorable tactic, then should we also forget about head fakes and feints when street fighting? smokescreens? decoy ships? camoflage? radar jamming? hidden bunkers? weapons stashes? etc? those are all similar ways of concealing one’s immediate intentions from not just the enemy but also from one’s own troops, for the overall good of winning the war.

        nobody is saying that “unity” is the be all, end all political umbrella that will unite all whites. it just solves the immediate problem of needing a good cover story and good branding.


      • Your problem is that you’re idealistic goyim who ease their boredom and discontent by toying with the ideological artefacts of passe’ forms of government and society as if we were operating in a vacuum where we can pick and choose the kind of system in which we live. Ideological pastiche, as it were. This isn’t how life works. The habitat is given, not designed. As some worthless white female put it over at Unz, western people are thinking “morality” while everyone else is thinking “territory”. You’re thinking either morality or legality. Neither is relevant anymore, but you’ll castigate me for saying so anyway, because that is your script, your comfort zone. If you had any sense you’d ditch the white man fetishism and start acting more feral. But you have no sense!

        Shalom! 1488


      • ” it just solves the immediate problem of needing a good cover story and good branding. ”

        Good branding! Yea, that’s the ticket! Just need some good branding. A logo, a symbol, a nice little motto. The white womenz will disengage from Mandingo dong in body and come to “our” side. Commence breath-holding!


      • ML-
        We’re not going to lie down and die, which seems to be your only goal here.
        If you’re not getting paid then you are really wasting your time here. You’ve added nothing to the discussion but negativity. What does “being feral” even mean?
        I have four white sons and a daughter. I’m not interested in defeatism. Especially since all we have to do is survive.
        Sorry to be so harsh, but really. What’s the point of your rants?


  80. on August 19, 2017 at 1:39 pm Captain Obvious

    “The Right or conservatism in the Anglo-American context means anti-ideology.”

    This is not going to be easy. We have to get everyone in the Unity Party thinking viscerally & instinctually.

    So very many of these would-be allies of ours have had their minds so badly poisoned by Narratival Deductivistic horsesh!t & nonsense that we will have to drag them kicking and screaming out their jew-created cocoons of ideological comfort & warmth & familiarity & safety.

    The biology determines the culture, and Cultural Wars are BIOLOGICAL WARS.

    Go visceral with everything.

    Hit them in the gut.

    Force their Hindbrains to AWAKEN.


    • I’d love to see this image

      All in one color outline

      A white family with a baby and a kid [in white] against a Blue small SUV or mini van and small house and the rest of the field red.


    • is tough Cap’n,

      do you think European Christian monarchs fought the POZ and put their neck on the line in doing so only for “muh kingly priviledge”?

      do you think that they had no inkling of what shitshow that would ensue if the shitheads that aggitated against them would get to rule (from Robespierre all the way to Schicklgruber, and Djugashvilli, and WinnieC, and Angela?)


      • on August 19, 2017 at 8:39 pm Vagina dominator

        They were all PAID. And now a man’s pal who works at the local electrical shop – nice guy – is also (indirectly) PAID because if he loses his job he is fucked.

        Pink pill him. Get him armed and out on the range. Get him – this gets weird for normies – to stock up some food and make a plan.

        Start – don’t join – an unarmed self defense club that does realistic self defense. For whites only.

        By realistic I mean – first of all, at a minimum – training for *realistic* scenarios where the attackers are EXPLICITLY identified and associated with their typical strategies and tactics.

        In other words, if your training is all takedowns and rear naked chokes kimoras and does not name the nig and describe how nigs operate, don’t bother.


      • on August 20, 2017 at 4:57 am Vagina dominator

        Video of a recent – very representative – street violence incident. I point out some of its macros features, some common characteristics of modern street violence and make some suggestions for self defense curricula. It runs 5:31.



  81. Just got back from a visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum with the kids.

    Upon entry, visitors are greeted with a huge video display showing a picture of Captain Kirk kissing some negress, with the headline “First Interracial Kiss blah blah blah …” There’s some touchscreen crap at the bottom of this display, so of course every little kid within sight is immediately drawn to come up and play with this giant race-mixing propaganda piece. I suppose it’s likely that the image changes over time, but we didn’t stick around long enoug for me to verify that — I just yelled out “disgusting!” and laughed as we passed by it with the kids.

    Onto the substance of the museum. Of course, all of the men featured in any of the real exhibits (early history of flight, innovation, moon landing) are White, but there are plenty of Niggers and Womenz in Space!!!!! exhibits all over the place. The Tuskegee Airmen won WW2 against the evil Nazis, apparently.

    I’d say nearly half of the visitors were non-White, mostly poo-in-the-loos and various shades of kebabs. That was not the museum I remember visiting on school field trips.


  82. By the way, for those missing your daily fix of Daily Stormer, it’s back:



  83. Like

  84. on August 19, 2017 at 5:41 pm Wrong Side of History

    Far away.
    Far away from here.


  85. In case anyone needs a little uplift with some right-wing music (not joking):


  86. muh free speech….


  87. I love CH but man… Anglin is one of the most ballsy people I have ever heard about


  88. Apple Fag Tim Cook just donated 1million to the (((SPLC))) and to (((ADL))) and chillingly sent an email to staff telling them his views.
    He also blamed Trump for comparing Nahzees to poor liggle protestor.

    These corporations are all political now.

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    • on August 20, 2017 at 12:29 am Carlos Danger

      Apple is too large and needs anti-trust action. Tim Cook is an utter weasel. He went to my father’s high school and made up stories he gave at speeches a few years back about life under the KKK as a gay man in south Alabama. etc. There is no clan in the area and never has been. It was a total lie.


    • Tweet deleted..basically it said

      “You non whites are white supremacists as you prefer our countries, schools, women”


  89. Gab’s site is non-responsive now. And after all that nonsense in Boston, Sam Adams is turning over in his grave. And with a whimper: “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

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    • And to ice the cake, while looking up that quote, I was assaulted with sponsored by “chrome by google. get it now”. Freedom of speech quotes by the company literally taking away the freedom of speech.


  90. Having trouble accessing gab as well.


  91. my nicewhyte 72yo boomer mother’s letter to Diane Feinstein:

    “Thanks to you and your friends, Pelosi , Schumer, & Speier, who have forgotten who has kept them in office for so many years I am writing this letter. Didn’t Congressman Scalice, get shot, and is still recovering from his wounds, by a man, who, like Dan White, thought he was right and everyone was wrong?

    You people are inciting some very unstable people. We pray nothing happens to President Trump or his family. 70,000,000 people voted for Trump. He won. We are the silent Majority, but we Vote. When will you let our ELECTED President do his job and the rest of the radical left start doing something to help the people that trusted the Democrats for so many years, including passing a Health care bill. How much more evil can come out of your mouths?

    As far as Crissy field is concerned this is not a radical extremist group. I hope you saw Boston this morning. They weren’t told to stand down like the police were told in Charlotte. These are people that want to show their support for the President, and are sick of all the Obstructionist behavior. Why would San Francisco allow another group there? Especially a group that look a lot like the Cal radicals that attack people going to a speech in Berkeley?

    Please, Mrs. Feinstein. They allow radical marches and rallies every month every week in San Francisco Carrying posters hateful posters that our children can see, ones that say “Kill a Cop” or a burning Trump effigy. When it was announced on the news that they wanted to have a rally at Crissy field the Radical Left said they would be there to stop it. So much for the Constitution that apparently is only for the people that Hate Trump. Scary. The Anti-Defamation League said that they shouldn’t be allowed to show up. This reminds me of The McCarthyism in the 1950’s. Many people were labeled Communist, even Lucille ball. Are we suppose to wear Flags on our clothes like the Jews had to wear stars?

    Please wake up. We are no longer democrats. My husband is now a Republican, and I took the route of Judge Q. Kopp. NO Preference. I can’t believe that you are the same person who stood on the steps of City Hall telling San Francisco about the shootings of the Mayor and Harvey Milk. Did you forget the kind of people that listens to the people like you?

    I have always admired you, and Jackie Speier. Now I don’t know who you are anymore. Sad. Please take us off your mailing list. Right now I only trust, Senator Jerry Hill.”

    heh. go get em, Mom!


    • Nice letter, except Senator Joe McCarthy was 100% correct, as we can clearly see today. So, that was kind of cucky of her to say. And she “always admired” Feinstein??? What’s that all about? I guess that is part of the problem – boomers voting in these communist Jews.

      Feinstein does not give a shit about some letter from an old goy woman, and her people tossed it out as soon as they read, “we pray nothing happens to President Trump” (while muttering, “F*cking Fascist!”).

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      • Johnny, agree on all your points. however, Mom grew up in a time when goy programming was total. so if these ideas are reaching HER, then they have to be reaching millions of others like her.

        that was my point of posting her letter. she doesn’t have all the dots connected, but this is a huge step for someone like her, from her generation, who used to consider questioning any kind of “center-left” authority figure tantamount to heresy.


      • Johnny, agree on all your points. however, M0m grew up in a time when goy progr@mming was total. so if these ideas are reaching HER, then they have to be reaching millions of others like her.

        that was my point of posting her letter. she doesn’t have all the dots connected, but this is a huge step for someone like her, from her generation, who used to consider questioning any kind of “center-left” auth0rity figure tantamount to heresy.


      • on August 21, 2017 at 1:11 am Vagina dominator

        The commies hate McCarthy with such a passion. He really did put a kink in their Hollywood efforts. He alone probably put them four or five years behind schedule.

        Not going to red pill you mom, but “Mom, you know they actually were communist spies and operatives. You know, like Obama.”


    • Glad she did that much at least.


    • Nice. I have a similar story.

      My boomer father, who is a good man but a devout Christian and a single-issue voter (pro-life) and generally not comfortable discussing race-realism (although he acknowledges the strength of the arguments) seems to have taken a red-pill over the Charlottesville nonsense.

      He’s been writing to his cuckservative representatives, sending letters/email to Fox News, and even got on talk radio dropping red-pills about the antifa / black lies matter thugs working in collusion with the Demoncrat governor of VA to shut down the Unite The Right rally with violence. While he doesn’t agree 100% with the White-identity movement, he believes 100% in free speech and is disgusted at the attempts to shut us down (and that has made him give more serious consideration to the core arguments of the alt-right). He’s been emailing me about it basically every day since last weekend. He’s even starting to acknowledge the JQ — after all, he grew up in the 1940s/1950s and never heard a damn thing about “muh holocaust” . . . And he is starting to find it curious how holocaustianity has become the new religion and the weapon that the left consistently uses to club any right-wing movement with.

      So, that’s just one anectdote, but Charlottesville seems to have woken up one basic Republican boomer.

      Feels good, man.


      • — Charlottesville seems to have woken up [some people]

        It was a tactical defeat but a perhaps-unintended strategic win.

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

        When you have the truth on your side (even if the money and the gov aren’t), even the missteps somehow end up working out your way.

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      • on August 20, 2017 at 1:36 am Carlos Danger

        The biggest reason it turned into a tactical defeat is because it triggered a cuck contest of people crying “I’m not the Nazi! He is!” No enemies to the right practiced quietly but resolutely combined with Sentient’s restoration imagery is the winning combination.


      • bravo, Corvo. feels good indeed.


    • on August 20, 2017 at 12:26 am Carlos Danger

      Mom was a liberal too. That means a lot actually to these critters because its the retirees who vote and organize at the super market. You should buy Mom some flowers for that letter.


  92. Black footballs players doing what blacks do best…hating on the America and the National Anthem. Stupid tattooed loser cucktard White player supports him, like a bitch.

    Look at the righteous indignation from the bearded White fellow in the rear of the photo at the right (the ‘right’, hehehe). He is thinking, “These ungrateful, overpaid, worthless cunts!”


    • Niggerball and sportsball cannot get to zero viewership soon enough

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    • Always a pleasure to see a shitlord glaring contemptuously at a pack of groids and cucks.

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    • That white tatted cuck is Howie Long’s son, Chris Long. Chris Long played his college ball with UVA down in Charlottesville. Last year he played for New England and refused to visit Trump as Super Bowl champions with some of his black teammates because racism. Brady skipped the white house trip too but because he was keeping his sick mother company at the hospital.

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    • I got a tour of the Cowboys stadium and was blown away by the genius of whites.
      Unfortunately ungrateful nig players benefit from it.

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    • I saw a pic recently of the NYPD negro officers (which looked like it could have been a gathering at a prison yard, btw) with their fists in the air, as a sign of support of Keopernick, or whatever the fuck that other n1gger’s name is.

      NYPD, for Christ sake. These are the guys who, if you’ve in their environs, have the power of life and death over you, YT.


      That picture belongs in the Goodbye America archives.

      As does the recent one of White NFL players, what few there are, taking a bended knee with they “black bruthas”, don’cha know?


  93. Jesus Christ these assholes have sent many to be killed or to kill
    look at them
    what a grotesque


  94. After receiving thousands of tweets from SJW’s demanding Namecheap CEO has decided to cut ties with the daily stormer and getting it shut down again.

    The DailyStormer.lol is down.

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    • So Isis have websites, a media agency and has murdered thousands…and yet Anglin is banned.

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    • It’s the unabashed hypocrisy that is truly infuriating.


    • on August 20, 2017 at 5:49 pm traitors first

      I enjoy reading history and I used to wonder what could drive someone to do such things to someone else ………… but I used to wonder what could drive that much pure hell from someone ……….. but I used to wonder ……….. I NO LONGER WONDER


  95. PA, re: your post about eclipse meme magic being real. here are the paths of the 2017 and 2024 total eclipses superimposed:


  96. on August 20, 2017 at 6:39 am Wrong Side of History

    I’ve observed that calling shitlibs “Europhobic” throws them off-center. Instant defensive crouch. It turns their pathologizing language against them and rightly characterizes their worldview as deeply irrational.

    “Anti-White” does fuck all. “Anti” just makes them sound strong, principled, defiant. And White is just an oppressive social construct after all.

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    • on August 21, 2017 at 1:31 am Vagina dominator



    • on August 21, 2017 at 4:02 am Days of Broken Arrows

      This is great. We need to start using “Europhobic” as an everyday term.


    • They call all white people racists, too. Maybe there’s some way to turn that against them, too? Start literally using the word “racist” to mean “white” in order to overload people with it and/or point out the left’s insanity?

      “The bus driver was a racist. I was talking to two black guys and three racists.”

      “I did get a look at the driver, officer. It seemed to be a racist.”

      Nah, probably not. Just spitballing, though.


  97. on August 20, 2017 at 8:17 am The Philosopher

    Sabrina Rubin Elderly with the Haven Monahan rape hoax article is a good example of jewish psychopathy. The article is a proven fraud.

    Look at the way she talks. Theres a condescension there from having higher IQ than everyone else. The other women are ‘true believers’ in the cult.

    Steve Schwarzmann at blackstone has the same mannerisms.In fact most jews I see do outside hollywood.

    Jews are the most despicable race of man on the planet. I can see why Hitler lost it with them

    This is disgusting to listen to her talk.

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    • on August 20, 2017 at 8:20 am The Philosopher

      The jews are evil because they prey on the nicest people. The woman on her right in black is an ardent true believer.

      She is evil.

      I’m almost gagging watching this. Good find by Steve Sailer.

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    • on August 20, 2017 at 8:22 am The Philosopher

      At 3:15 she talks. Fucking jew bitch.


      • “And then Mengele separated the men from the women and children…abd sent the women and children off to the gas chambers”

        Hmm…how are you alive Miss?
        Did Mengele phone in sick that day?
        The testimonies at Nurnberg about Mengele’s work with twins is supplied by females…how did these females survive?

        “And we were used us Jewish women as sex slaves for the German soldiers”
        You are aware of the strict code forbidding sexual relation between Germans and Jews?
        Even German women were temporarily sent to a camp for sexual relation with Jewish men

        Questioning the holocua$t is not allowed though

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    • on August 20, 2017 at 3:47 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Point taken, but we need to separate IQ and personality. There are different genetic elements for each one. I’m no expert on this, but “The Blank Slate” gets into it.

      You can be high IQ and not condescending. I know scientists who are like this. Heck, I know some brilliant college profs (all WASPS, by the way), who are self-effacing and have impeccable manners. Hang with them and you feel smarter yourself. THIS is a great personality trait of very smart people that gets overlooked — they make you better.

      Conversely, you can have an average IQ and unbearably controlling and obnoxious. My guess is that Erdely falls into this category. It’s not a good combo.

      Judging from both her vocabulary and writing, she doesn’t seem that bright. One way we can tell is that bright people tend to be original thinkers; Ersely is a mainstream lackey, pushing cliches (and untrue ones at that).

      However, she seems way too sure of herself. She reminds me of the old expression “Sometime wrong but never in doubt.”

      Erdely is also just about the age to have benefited from when school systems rearranged their entire school curriculum for girls and also started inflating their grades. This likely had a lot to do with why went got into UPenn (not to mention the quotas). The problem is more that she thinks she’s smarter than anyone — and is the first to tell you.


      • on August 21, 2017 at 1:47 am Vagina dominator

        As you say, in my experience, a senior scientist in his field does often have very nice manners. He waits, listens, doesn’t brush people off or condescend (much). He always says good morning to the person who empties the waste basket in his office.

        Of course, having status and tenure in a field that interests you is a nice gig. That mIght temper the personality a little


      • on August 21, 2017 at 4:26 am The Philosopher

        Yes was a typo. I meant psychopathic and condescending. Psychopaths have the kind of barely suppressed smugness as their lies go into affect on people around them.


  98. It’s funny.
    1. Baker refuses to make a cake for a gay wedding. “Discrimination! HORROR! Bring in the force of the government!”
    2. Businesses refuse to sell services to Right Wing. “That’s their right and freedom!”

    Oh and the Chateau has long been talking about how this whole thing is Liberal, Northern Goodwhites vs Evil Southern Whites… well, news articles are basically flat out agreeing that’s the cause.



  99. She forgot how much they love abortion.


  100. on August 20, 2017 at 12:18 pm Captain Obvious

    SENTIENT: “A white family with a baby and a kid [in white] against a Blue small SUV or mini van and small house and the rest of the field red.”


  101. CH: Just to make it clear, is “the GloboHomo” a synonym/replace word of what we used to call “the Cathedral”? I think you haven´t discussed about this.


  102. Meanwhile in Russia


    I think a lot of shitlib western men would last about 10 minutes in some Russian towns


    • Looks like even Russian tough guys last about 10 minutes in some Russian towns. 😉


    • on August 21, 2017 at 2:28 am Vagina dominator

      That is a very typical fight. Kicked in the head, standing. Fell down. As he got up, bent forward, kicked in the head again. Fell back onto the ground, hitting the back of his head.

      Opponent came over to give him a number of coups de grace. How many times must one hit an unconscious man in the head.

      Any single one of these insults to the brain could have killed him. Hitting someone in the head is not a joke.

      I always advise never go outside to fight someone. What for? If you can walk outside, it is not a self defense situation. So don’t got out there and be a toy for some dickhead to play MMA. And this guy also had no idea of how to fight.

      If it is a self defense situation, you start it here, now, and don’t give him a chance. But don’t go outside. Lifting weights does not mean you can fight.

      And if you are going to fight, at least learn to protect your head with a cover guard. Pitiful story. Happens all the time.


    • in russia, the power lifts you 😛


    • Wonder how much kesslermcmuffin got paid for that operation. Would further his bosses agenda if one of their altleft thug squads randomly found him, they’d be extra pleased if they could do it before he cashed his paycheck.


      • “History is cyclical.”

        I’d normally say prove it, but this is one of the timeless alt-right fallbacks; 100% article of faith, not even close to a real hypothesis. All that can be done is padding it with more goodfeel platitudes.

        Now I gotta back to selling little white girls into Turkish piss porn harems.


  103. on August 20, 2017 at 3:17 pm Captain Obvious

    SENTIENT: So you want it to be more primitive, like stick figures?


  104. on August 20, 2017 at 6:24 pm Captain Obvious

    Norman Rockwell


  105. on August 20, 2017 at 6:27 pm Captain Obvious

    Knights Templar

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  106. on August 20, 2017 at 6:31 pm Captain Obvious

    White on Black


  107. Peterson… good speaker for Unity (aka sanity).


    • This ‘white privilege’ thing is the thread to pull on right now to unravel the lunacy. It’s not too hard to see the shell game once it’s pointed out. People (even leftists) should be able to get this (i.e – see the shell game) if they can be convinced to reign in their passions for just a moment, and assign a little cognitive horsepower to the riddle (the riddle is the proposition you might put to people, that there indeed is a sneaky parlor trick, a shell game trick, embedded in the ‘white privilege’ concept). I think that more focus on this is the correct tactic for the current situation. I think that talking about this far and wide right now will do a lot of good.

      Here is the shell game:

      1) ‘White privilege’ is code for a preponderance of white blame

      2) So one must ask – is it warranted to frame it that way – that there is a preponderance of white blame?

      3) OK – first off – let’s define terms. What does ‘white’ mean? Borne of an ancestry correlated with western culture? Most people will not take issue with that framing of ‘white’.

      4) OK – so since the topic of ‘white privilege’ is about the implication of blame, in the spirit off fairness (which is actually akin to the spirit of common sense or rationality) we must explore the blame dynamic all round (like our judiciary is supposed to do, at least in principle) – yes?

      5) OK – so let’s look at the evidence. And it is precisely here that the shell game will be played out before the rational observers eyes. The evidence will always show, no matter how you slice and dice, no matter what perspective you take, that the blame or culpability for the plight of any individual or group is always much more widely shared than any promoter of the ‘white privilege’ concept will try to maintain. The key mental sieve here is “compared to what” (as Thomas Sowell is fond of pointing out).

      i) Slavery?: Compared to what?: It was by way of the execution of the principles upon which western culture is based, that slavery was abolished.

      ii) First Nations: Compared to what?: Genocide was occurring on this continent well before Europeans arrived. The slaughters that did occur after the arrival of Europeans, was sordid on both sides, but nevertheless, the great portion of First Nations genocide occurred by way of lack of immunity to European disease vectors (which technically doesn’t qualify as genocide in any event – the theory about a trade in blankets intentionally contaminated by smallpox agents is most probably untrue), and in the end First Nations culture was swamped. However First Nations population as a percentage of total population has more than doubled in the US, 1890 vs. 2010, and in Canada, 1900 vs. 2011. . First Nations quality of life measures have improved dramatically by way of interface with western culture (though, obviously, not initially so).

      iii) Incarceration rates: Compared to what?: Incarceration rates are well correlated with crime rates within differing ethnic demographics.

      iv) Poverty and crime are well correlated: Compared to what?: The evidence shows, it’s more-so a two-way street, each phenomenon reinforcing the other, and nevertheless, there are differences between differing ethnic demographics for the strength of the reinforcing link between crime/poverty, which explains most of the actual differences between ethnic demographics, of crime rates and poverty rates.

      v) Subversion of the institutions upon which the western traditions are founded (democratically elected lawmakers; laws that provide for the protection of property rights; an uncorrupted currency to promote the exchange of goods; an informed electorate; uncorrupted law enforcement; a judiciary based on the principle of equality of fairness; a free (uncensored) fourth estate (media) that is necessary to provide an impartial inform-service to the electorate by way of synthesis of multi-varied opinion; the Christian mythos inclusive of the principle of separation of church and state) leads to unfair ethnic inequalities, particularly wealth inequalities: Compared to what: Yes – it is true that subversion of every one of the above-mentioned of our institutions is ever-present, and these subversive effects cause many unfair inequalities, but compared to other non-western systems of governance – this system though flawed, is much better (because overall, it has proved to provide more benefits for more people). And by the way – dealing with these ever-present manifold and ongoing subversions of our institutions is job one and should be the main focus of any promoter of social justice.

      To drive the point home, it must be pointed out, that the shell game of removing, downplaying, or ignoring the culpability among only some of the involved parties (the parties favored as ‘victim class’) in any dynamic, is akin to spitting in the face (i.e – blatant disrespect) of said favored parties. So the shell game is doubly-so, because the so-called favored class is actually favored by way of a disrespectful inferiority classification. Why would it be so that these favored parties culpability should be construed as limited unless inherent deficiencies would color our judgement in that way? We excuse blame only among the mentally disabled either by way of retardedness or mental illness, or, we limit blame for children, with such limitation ranged by age. As such, limiting the culpability discussion in this way is akin to labeling the favored parties as mentally challenged or children. That is a condescending, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, hypocritical, and contempt-filled attitude.

      So …… if absorbed, one would hope that this argument would force upon the leftist social justice warrior’s mind the question of questions. There is only one remaining avenue to search for the source of the social injustice problems, in order to find pragmatic solutions – and that is to identify the principle sources of the manifold subversive actions upon our western institutions.

      When one begins that endeavor, one will slowly be drawn into the observation that there is common denominator among these manifold subversions. Jewish Retards. Weird but true. Probably best to point the SJW crowd in the direction of searching along the correct avenue (subversion of western institutions), and let them work it out on their own from there. Nobody believes this Jewish Retard theory when they first hear it. It is too weird. People only become convinced of this by way of first focusing their search for answers upon the correct avenue – subversion – and then slowly assembling the flavor of said subversions themselves, by way of their own inquires.

      The boldest lies are the ones that are more-so believed. I think the Jewish Retards are well versed with respect to this first principle of deception.


    • Oh dear. Peterson mentions the death of the KULAKS!!! And he refers to SIX MILLION of them!! He’s not long for this world.


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    • That’s a bit spooky.


      • on August 21, 2017 at 4:33 am The Philosopher

        Is that real?

        My understanding was Patton was removed by the CIA for being a bit like Joe McCarthy and going to far in the communism stuff.


    • Yep, read the last chapter or so of D’Este’s biography of Patton, he was very clear on what was going on in Germany immediately after the war, and who was responsible.
      And what side we should have fought on.


    • Patton wrote letters to his wife apparently which were full of insults about (((them))). He was angry that Germans had to hand over property to (((them))). I think he said the US were on the wrong side and he was full of admiration for Germans.
      I knew Germans from that time who believe his death was murder.

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      • He even said he wanted to rearm the Germans and destroy the Soviet Union. Also, he remarked, IIRC, that they should go to Tokyo by way of Moscow.

        So I can believe that he wrote that.


      • on August 21, 2017 at 12:15 pm Carlos Danger

        I know almost exactly where he was killed and have driven by the spot many times. It is on the back road connecting Taylor and Sullivan Barracks in Mannheim. It was murder.


  110. a good article by Vincent Law

    Goys Out, Heebs In, And Antifa In The Streets



  111. We need to point out that if you weren’t a Nazi before May 8, 1945 it is impossible to become one now.


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  113. I like this one as it clearly shows White people, but not details, and a nice American Flag in the backdrop.


    • on August 20, 2017 at 10:26 pm Captain Obvious

      I don’t know how well those dark colors would reproduce on a placard sign – it would probably be rather muddy.

      In fact, a lot of the Norman Rockwell reproductions would probably have to be brightened up in order to display well on a placard sign.


  114. from 2002


  115. Look at the posters and read their stuff. I just realized genocide is the only answer. And genocide is what they are working on while we are trying to win politically and overcome 50 years of lefty b’crats that are going to go along with anything until after the bad people(us) are dead and it is too late for themselves. Genocide America Great Again. Might sound harsh but it is us or them. And what they are planning to do to us. Fortunately white people are really good at genocide once they get going, unfortunately we are a lot farther from starting then they are.


    • Ga ga — that fits the crybullies


    • Just figured out the whole game plan. If you’ve read the Gulag Archipelago you know people went to jail(usually resulting in death) for the smallest slights against the Party. First guy to stop clapping at rallies got ten years, which was enough to kill most people. In the coming American genocide against white people the new Party is diversity. Any sleight against diversity and you are off to the gulag. And the diversity is going to run wild, you have a problem with diversity raping your daughter? You are guilty of anti diversity micro aggression hate think. Every white person will be guilty all the time. It’s genocide boys, us or them and they are already planning on coming for us.

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    • on August 21, 2017 at 2:12 am Vagina dominator

      The answer is not electoral politics – but vote, it delays and gives us time – and it is not gradualism or consensus. It is not passive.

      1. (white) People have no idea what (((they))) are saying.

      2. If they hear it, they don’t take it seriously. “He can’t be serious.”

      It is like I have explained here how the SDR is going to work. I am sure that no one here takes it seriously.

      “Really, the IMF will take over budgeting and setting of exchange rates for every country and currency in the world? But that would be world Communism without nations.”

      Uh yeah. Coming very, very soon.

      “So they could impoverish a country overnight merely by adjusting its exchange rate?”


      “And bcs cash will no longer exist, any resistance anywhere in the world can be ended with the flip of switch.”

      Just like that.

      “I don’t believe it.”

      The answer is not electoral politics.

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      • on August 21, 2017 at 12:11 pm Carlos Danger

        Talking about the coming changes to the money supply and trade makes eyes glaze over. It’s a huge advantage for the Jews. Only you and a handful of others here even discuss the coming monetary changes. The rest have no clue at all but it is of central importance.


      • I see it clearly, Carlos. From time to time they are testing the peasants, usually by saying that the 500 € note (biggest note in EU) is used in criminal activities, thus it needs to be abolished. In several European Countries there is 1000/2000 Euro limit for paying with cash. As if that is not enough – keep in mind that in the 1970s you could buy the most expansive German car with just five notes à 1000 German Mark. In 2017 it is 300 notes à 500 Euro.

        It is much more comfortable to buy a starcucksgaycoffee with a chip under your skin, isn’t it?


      • on August 22, 2017 at 1:06 am Vagina dominator

        In fact, I suspect that the proposed IMF-SDR powergrab is why they are opposing Trump so hard.

        Remember, getting this IMF deal up and running should require Congress and the President signing off on entirely surrendering US monetary sovereignty (is there any other kind?) to an international body. Hillary would have done it without a blink..

        On the other hand, Trump wouldn’t even stay in that climate convention. So, the fuck he’s going to sign away control over the US budget, even indirect control.

        That’s a nice thought. Trump must continue to live! Two terms! Two terms!


      • collect as much physical goods / metals as you can manage boys.

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  116. Like

  117. on August 20, 2017 at 10:55 pm Carlos Danger

    This whole thing is astroturf. The Organizer was a cut out, the CIA guy posted a few days ago was for real and they hired actors to be Nazis and KKK members.


    • Go to polreport on twitter for more info


    • The enemy’s strategy is now clear: They want to make us look like 1488 genocidal maniacs. We are patriots, we love the truth and we are going to restore the Republic.
      Never in my whole life I have seen an attack/psy op of such magnitude on truth loving citizens. They know that the things the alt-right stand for is a mortal danger to their rule.

      We are free men! We will never be slaves!


  118. Have a look at this


  119. Suggested additional appellation for the Alt-Left: “stenches” or, collectively, “the stench.”


    • on August 21, 2017 at 4:38 am The Philosopher

      CTRL Left makes more sense.

      Alt right sounds cool.

      Maybe just refer to them as people brainwashed by jews.


  120. With Trump pulling the US out of Afghanistan it is also clear that the US(zionist) empire is collapsing. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long it is a controlled demolition. When all the dust is gone there may stand a healthy Republic amidst the rubble. America first! MAGA!


    • The true threat to America’s (and the world’s) peaceful future is, of course, Israel. The big problem is that they have nuclear weapons (I believe, at least 200, by ‘official’ last count), but no international body was ever allowed to inspect their nuclear programs (energy or weapons). JFK wanted to stop them from obtaining nuclear weapons, and wanted to have inspections of their nuclear energy program to make sure that they are no developing weapons.

      And most here know that JFK wanted to take back the US currency from the debt-ridden federal reserve notes. We all know that the ‘Federal Reserve’ is a private bank run by, and for, the Jews.

      In 1962, JFK and his brother, Robert Kennedy (the U.S. Attorney General) forced the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agent, thus stopping it from contributing funds to election campaigns. Six weeks later, AIPAC was formed and never was forced to register as a foreign agent. Of course, JFK was murdered in November 1963, putting an end to this troublemaker for the Jews. They certainly had a hand in it.

      Then LBJ took office (the John McCain of his day), and did the Jew’s bidding eagerly. JFK was the last, free-thinking American President.

      Anyhow, I digress. Israel has nuclear weapons, and they are willing to use the Sampson Option (total destruction of major cities in the West) if they feel that all hope is lost – “If we go down, everyone goes down with us”. I have little doubt, too, that their 9/11 false flag operation was just a teaser – that these evil people have small nuclear devises planted in several major cities in the USA and other nations, so that if need be, they can detonate same and blame it on an ‘enemy’ of their choosing (e.g., Iran). Most likely in cities with low (acceptable losses) numbers of Jewish residents (I hate to even call them “citizens” at this point).

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      • on August 22, 2017 at 8:21 am The Philosopher

        They are pyschopathic. They have a track record. They have nukes.

        The way to beat the jews will be cultural.

        A fraudster loses his power if the potential dupe is aware of him.

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    • on August 22, 2017 at 8:36 am Jack-o-lantern

      Yeah, Trump is really pulling the US out of Afghanistan now, isn’t he?

      Jared, Ivanka, Kelly, Mattis, Graham and McCain are running the show now. Trump might as well just play golf for the next year. He’s irrelevant. America 1st is over.


      • he’s in a pitched battle.

        last week it became news that Congress has the authority not to extend the secret service spending cap, which would expire in September. which means they basically forced him to choose between the lives of he and his loved ones, or play ball.

        but he’s not finished yet. you’re forgetting that he still has one big advantage that *they* don’t have:

        the support of the people.


      • he’s in a pitched battle.

        last week it became news that Congress has the auth0rity not to extend the secret serv1ce spending cap, which would expire in September. which means they basically forced him to choose between the lives of he and his loved ones, or play ball.

        but he’s not finished yet. you’re forgetting that he still has one big advantage that *they* don’t have:

        the support of the people.


      • Meh… as if there aren’t a thousand men out there who would protect him and his family for nothing more than room and board… or a bigly amount of bad asses he couldn’t hire himself..

        This “he and his family are under threat, so he’s playing ball” doesn’t wash…

        He, if anyone, fully knows that if even one motivated Marine with a rifle wanted him dead, nobody could stop it.

        We’re going to have to mansplain away the uncomfortable facts about Trump’s actions… or lack thereof… thus far in some other manner.


      • good point, Greg


      • I’d still take a bullet for him… ‘though I do admit, time hangs heavy on my hands these days and it would just be something to do to alleviate the tedium of prolonged introspection.


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      • @Greg Eliot

        [time hangs heavy on my hands…prolonged introspection]

        Well, “the sands o’ life shall run” as the poet said…


  121. Is this for real or part of movie?

    Jeopardy question: In which country in the Middle East Jews are a well-respected minority? Iran or Saudi-Arabia?


  122. Occidental Dissent is down. I’m surprised this site hasn’t vanished yet, since it looks like every single non-establishment voice is going to be silenced.


  123. Corvo:
    “We don’t win if sufficient numbers if Whites aren’t woken up.
    As to your point about territorial organization, while we’re not organized along state lines anymore, we’ve got a pretty clear separation between major urban areas on the one hand and “everywhere else” on the other. That is something to work with. Trump’s actions against sanctuary cities is a battle drawn along those lines.”


  124. @ Captain Obvious

    I fully understand now what the Poz is. I wanted to listen to a different version of Scarborough Fair. It was first performed at ” The Voice of Australia”, which seems to be some casting show. Neither singer, juror, audience or the commenters on youtube are aware of the mind-poison going into their head.

    Tell him to make me a cambric shirt /
    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme /
    Without no seems nor needlework /
    Then he’ll be a true love of mine /

    The lyric’s devilish madness sinks into your brain planting the thought that true love is impossible. MK-Ultra and all the other mind-control programs are real. It is made to enslave humanity.