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Roy Larner, a 47-year-old White prole, took on three mudfilth muslim killers and lived to tell the tale.

47-year-old Roy Larner battled the three machete-wielding jihadis with bare fists and shouted: “Fuck you, I’m Millwall!”

This should be the new maul-right rallying cry. Season to taste, e.g., “Fuck you, I’m Louisville!”.

Roy was enjoying a pint in a pub when the attackers ran in with machetes, chanting, “Islam, Islam!” and “This is for Allah!”

He’s now been hailed as the Lion of London Bridge, a reference to his football club’s nickname. But like any true set of football fans, his mates have been sure to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

They’ve presented him with a book called Learn to Run – a tongue-in-cheek gesture, praising him for not hiding when the terrorists entered the building.

Unlike the demeaning snark aka humiliation porn enjoyed by swpl shitlibs, prole humor is authentic, generous, and genuinely funny.

Roy was knifed eight times by the attackers at the Black & Blue restaurant and bar. He fearlessly shouted back and fought them alone, saving countless lives and allowing others to escape in the process.

Hero Roy told The Sun from hospital: “They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’.

“Like an idiot, I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the piss out of these bastards.’ I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘Fuck you, I’m Millwall.’ So they started attacking me.”

Roy claimed he shouted it a second time, and described it as ‘the worst thing’ he could have done as they carried on attacking him.

“I stood in front of them, trying to fight them off. Everyone else ran to the back. I was on my own against all three of them, that’s why I got hurt so much.

Let’s have a look at Roy’s physiognomy:

100% shitlord. No doubt about it. His bravery should therefore be unsurprising to anyone who understands the predictive power of #PhysiognomyIsReal.

Roy Larner is hereby bestowed with the highest gallantry honour a limey can receive — the Chateau Heartiste Iron Triskelion.

Roy Larner didn’t choose love. He chose to stand and fight. And that should shame every quisling White lib in the West.

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I had to chuckle when I saw this photo in the CH combox (h/t a reader who shall remain anon):

The reader writes,

A liberal friend sent me this — ah ha! Racist hand-gestures!

I responded:

The funniest thing is Brittany Pettibone, who is very good looking as well somewhat articulate, cannot help but sit removed from the goofy guys with a mildly disgusted look on her face in a posture that is defending her lady-parts from the subpar sexual equipage of these dorks and signaling that none of these guys is her boyfriend.

One underlying psychological obstacle for those men who have lurid designs on the bodies, hearts and souls of alt-coquettes is, as commenter manwhoisthursday put it, the probable weirdness of chicks who conspicuously and publicly glom onto small insurgent political movements started by men, especially a movement that has as its central conceit a willingness to jettison female-friendly treacly and embrace the ugliest mantruths about humanity. I welcome the alliance of these thot little minxes, but their active participation is a red flag that the girl has, generously, a quirky personality and acts and thinks in ways that are unrepresentative for the female norm of behavior.

Because, and I suffer to say it, the single White woman norm of behavior in 2017 Weimerica is shitlib. Women are herd animals, and the herd has been stampeding in the shitlib direction for a long time now. So it’s sensible from the aspiring alt-cad’s POV to cast a wary eye at single White women who blatantly counter-signal the platitudes of the majority of their sex. If you want to take a crack at these outlier alt-chicks, I suggest you speak smoothly and carry a based stick.

To be fair to the alt-men in this photo, any mixed group social event that has one cute girl in the company of eight men is bound to elicit egg-guarding defensiveness and egg-gilding ego boostification in the outflanked and surrounded girl. BP’s closed body language and sit-offishness may therefore be less an indictment of the quality of the men at that table than a natural female instinct toward personal safety when the sex ratio is badly skewed.

If that’s the case, then one of these men needs to peel away from the sausage reich and coax BP into a mano-a-womano private location where her feminine power can more assertively flower. Godspeed, aspiring alt-womanizer, and remember that milk and OK hand signs may trigger shitlibs but only the Rude Word of Game can thaw a frosty thot.

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The latest rhetorical gambit by shitlibs emotionally invested in virtue sniveling about global warming but starting to feel uncomfortable about conspicuously aligning themselves with globalist nation-wreckers, is that renewable energy — by which they mean solar and wind — is good for the American economy and will create lots of jobs.

This is how shitlibs are trying to do an end-run around Trump’s nationalist appeals. They like to crow about there being “ten times as many solar industry jobs as there are coal mining jobs”, and point to that as evidence that Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Accord will hurt American workers.

It’s all disingenuous bullshit, which is standard operating procedure for the Fat Cat Globalist Left. Solar and wind are propped up by MASSIVE government subsidies. Wind subsidies alone total $176 billion dollars.

Can the US afford these subsidies? The country is $19 trillion in debt and essentially bankrupt. You tell me.

If you remove the Fake Economy of government subsidies, the renewable energy industry collapses overnight. And a reminder: subsidies are your taxed income from productive work being redistributed to artificially maintain uncompetitive job sectors.

(Another Fake Economy: the black middle class. If you remove lax government hiring and affirmative action to staff useless dead weight jobs, there is no black middle class.)

Now one can argue that those subsidies are necessary investments to avoid the coming global meltdown apocalypse (similarly how one could argue government make-work and set-asides are a necessary Dindugeld to pacify an enormous class of dysfunctional moochers), but what you can’t argue is that the renewable energy industry is good for the American economy. But just try telling this lovefact to the numbnuts at Shitlib Central hiveminds like NPR.

The Paris Accord is nothing less than a Globohomo cash grab from America to China, India, and the dirt poor Southern Hemisphere. A good rule of thumb is that all these international agreements have as their primary goal the hobbling of American power and sovereignty. That’s why the Gay Mulatto loved signing up for them. And that’s why the big business community and 0.1%ers hate immigration restriction and a Rio Grande Wall; they enrich themselves on the cheap labor provided by the Southern Hemisphere and the destruction of middle class White localism that would act as a preventive against globohomoist depredations.

If elitist shitlibs now crying about Trump’s majestic middle finger to the globalists were sincere in their stated beliefs about what pulling out of the Paris Accord would mean for the earth, they’d immediately stop jetting around the world to their Davosian confabs. Richard Branson, the homosexual CEO of Virgin Airlines who was photographed canoodling with the homosexual Barack Obama, certainly contributes more than his fair share of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Also, mass dirt world immigration into the West isn’t exactly a boon for the environment, either. Nothing says “I love Mother Gaia” like importing hundreds of millions of low carbon-emitting Third Worlders into the First World where they can immediately jump the economic development queue and live the high life of a high carbon-emitting Westerner.

Of course, shitlibs aren’t sincere, they just want to virtue snivel for the approval of their effete low T audiences with sterling SAT scores. You can tell how badly insincere they are because they’ve resorted to criticizing Trump for leaving an agreement that wasn’t even binding. OK, if the Paris Accord wasn’t binding, then what the hell good would it have done if the US stayed in it? Oh yeah, the whole point to the Paris Accord, like most of these international deals, is to set up a money train in loans from international investment bankers.

The agreement is widely expected to be the catalyst for large-scale lending and investments in greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction technologies and infrastructure. The International Energy Agency has estimated that the investment required to meet the Paris Agreement goals could be a towering $1 trillion annually. Bank of America Merrill Lynch calculates that investments in renewable energy alone will need to grow to $900 billion by 2030.

My thoughts on global warming:
– probably some human influence
– likely not as bad as predicted
– intervention would be pointless (CO2 lag effect baked in the cake)
– best solutions are adapting & nuclear power
– wind & solar are money sinks
– Int’l accords are meant to hobble USA
– Trump right again.

So chalk this one up as a win for Trumperica. If shitlibs want to reduce CO2 emissions, maybe they should think about de-scaling their societies and retreating from international liberalism? As @tteclod put it on Gab,

Best solution is energy conservation. Your family doesn’t need two commuter cars if your wife doesn’t need to be employed outside your home. Your kids don’t ride a bus if they attend a neighborhood school. Your country can build less infrastructure if it rejects refugees & immigrants. Conserve.

Trump should sell his travel bans, wall, and immigration moratorium as environmentally friendly. It would be an easy sell, because it’s true. You listening, Bannon? Miller?

The Paris Accord discord on the Left is the usual shitlibbery: distilled womanish hysteria from the rank and file emos, shekel-counting from the internationalist bankers. Trump is hated by both because he refuses to subsidize their lifestyles. And that’s a win for Heritage America.

PS More proof that the renewable energy industry is a scam. A government-investment banks payola scheme. It takes 79 solar workers to produce the same amount of electric power as one coal worker. Simply comparing jobs numbers between the solar and coal industries, as disingenuous shitlibs do, is misleading.

Here are some important energy facts that help provide a more complete picture about how much energy is being produced in different sectors, how many workers it takes to produce a given amount of electric power, and which sectors receive the most generous taxpayer handouts.

To start, despite a huge workforce of almost 400,000 solar workers (about 20 percent of electric power payrolls in 2016), that sector produced an insignificant share, less than 1 percent, of the electric power generated in the United States last year (EIA data here). And that’s a lot of solar workers: about the same as the combined number of employees working at Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Pfizer, Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble.

In contrast, it took about the same number of natural gas workers (398,235) last year to produce more than one-third of U.S. electric power, or 37 times more electricity than solar’s minuscule share of 0.90 percent. And with only 160,000 coal workers (less than half the number of workers in either solar or gas), that sector produced nearly one-third (almost as much as gas) of U.S. electricity last year.

Renewables can’t compete with coal and oil. Solar and wind are terribly inefficient sources of power. This is a geophysical fact of life that eludes libtards, who should really stop lying about the supposed economic benefits of the renewable energy scam, but I guess asking for honesty from shitlibs is a bridge too far.

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Call it the Trump Effect (NPR uptalkers call it that): another White man has unlocked the Secret Cow Level where his balls roam free to graze, and finds that he likes the heft of them.

Republican lawmaker: I called immigration authorities on Capitol protesters

On the last day of the regular session of the Texas Legislature, hundreds protested at the Capitol — and Republican state Rep. Matt Rinaldi called ICE on them. He also nearly came to blows with Democratic colleagues.


State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, said he called U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement while hundreds of people dressed in red T-shirts unfurled banners and chanted in opposition to the state’s new sanctuary cities law. His action enraged Hispanic legislators nearby, leading to a tussle in which each side accused the other of threats and violence. […]

Hispanic Democratic lawmakers involved in the altercation said it wasn’t physical but indicated that Rinaldi got into people’s faces and cursed repeatedly. Video shot from the House floor shows both Republicans and Democrats pushing each other.

“[Rinaldi] came up to us and said, ‘I’m glad I just called ICE to have all these people deported,’” said state Rep. César Blanco, D-El Paso, whose account was echoed by state Reps. Armando Walle, D-Houston, and Ramon Romero, D-Fort Worth.

“He said, ‘I called ICE — fuck them,'” Romero added. Rinaldi also turned to the Democratic lawmakers and yelled, “Fuck you,” to the “point where spit was hitting” their faces, Romero said.

😆 😆

“Matt Rinaldi looked into the gallery and saw Hispanic people and automatically assumed they were undocumented. He racially profiled every single person that was in the gallery today. He created the scenario that so many of us fear.”

It’s about time these fucking anti-White shock troops felt a shiver of fear.

Let’s have a look at Matt Rinaldi’s physiognomy.

Very trustworthy. Would enlist in the Chateau Deconquista Corps.

His wife is nice looking, too. Not surprising, really. Shitlord of the Week winners can usually be counted on to have wifed up attractive, non-fatty White women. This is a good time to introduce my “Bangable Wife” assessment of a man’s commitment to preserving White America: the hotter the wife, the more likely her husband won’t sell his country to the nearest globohomoist oligarch bidder.

I know Texas will soon turn blue thanks to the refried beaner tidal wave, but in their defense if there are any White men left who will fight for Heritage America, you can bet a lot of them live in Texas.

Three cheers for Matt Rinaldi!

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Behold the geniuses and honest men staffing our respected State Department, and the complicit Gaystream Media apparatchiks that allow this unremitting torrent of Creep State bullshit to flow unimpeded. (h/t mpc)

(PS Thank a Russian hacker today for helping to bring about a better informed American citizenry by doing the job the US media wouldn’t do.)


Seriously, this video is an illuminating glimpse at the normally hidden gears of the bloated managerial state and the claimed Equalist suppositions that grease the entire corrupt machine and repackage it for normie consumption. There’s no logical consistency to criticizing Iranian elections while giving Saudi Barbaria a pass. Maybe a Gaystream reporterette could follow up on Mr. Jones’ non-answer and ask if the self-evident goodness of the neocon project of “exporting democracy” doesn’t apply to certain Arabian sandpits? HAHA nope never happen.

In related news, The State Department is apparently acting under its own counsel and ignoring President Trump’s directives, by raising the quota limit on the number of rapefugees permitted to enter US territory and squat here indefinitely. Is this treason against the American people? (answer: it is)


PS One wonders exactly how much money the Saudis funneled into Hillary Clinton’s early retirement plan Clinton Foundation during her tenure as State Department head? How much influence did Saudi Arabia receive for their investment in thecunt’s ahem “charity work”?

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The Auarian wonders about that ballyhooed Melania hand swat that gossipy shitlibs want to believe is evidence the Trumps’ marriage is faltering,

Has anyone used any common sense in connecting the dots when Mrs. Trump was walking a little distance from the pres and delayed taking her hand…this bootylicious cougar was walking near Trump. Mrs. Trump’s actions clearly reflect those of a jealous woman, maybe she was mad that this quite fuckable president of croatia was getting a little too juicy over her man and her man knew it.

Ergo..she was mad.

I haven’t followed the handhold story closely, so I don’t know what scenes may have served as pretext to Melania’s supposed displeasure with her husband, (personally I can’t clearly discern from the vid I watched if she really swatted his hand away). If Auarian is right about Melania noticing HBCroatia cozying up to Donald, then his is the best reason I’ve read yet for Melania’s hand swat. The problem is that too many shitlibs and dweebs in the gaystream media have no understanding of women, and therefore don’t get that women will sometimes act out not because they don’t love their husbands but because they are afraid and angry that their husbands may have cast wandering eyes at other attractive women. And when a woman acts out of jealousy, it’s one small step from that to intense arousal. It’s Dread Game 101.

The other reasonable explanation is that while Melania was in a woman-hating shithole like Saudi Barbaria she wanted to be extra vigilant about projecting an image of an independent woman, and maybe to her holding hands with her husband (as he walked ahead of her) undermined that goal.

Those who think Melania never loved Trump and continues to not love him are engaged in willful ignorance. Melania, like almost all women, is attracted to power and charisma, two traits Don has in ample supply. She married him when he was a real estate icon and minor celebrity. She bore a son with him. That’s love. Now that Trump’s Galactic Overlord? Just remember that Melania has had a habit since Inauguration Day of provoking Trump haters in the media with her sly fashion choices that mock liberal sensitivities. See for example, her “pussy bow” dress.

Side note: I’ve dated East European women, and it’s my impression that they aren’t as keen on PDA as are Western women. They’re ragingly passionate sex sirens in bed, but can appear cold and distant when out in public with their men. I believe this difference goes to their DNA.

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Galactic Overlord Trump made a typo in a tweet and hit send before checking. He obviously meant to type “[media] coverage” instead of “covfefe”. On cue, full spectrum shitlibs descended into mass womanish hysteria and haven’t stopped crying about it. Trump decided to let the typo stand overnight before deleting it (or delighting in it) in the morning, figuring that there was much entertainment value to be had in triggering infantile shitlibs into yet another tantrum. Naturally, he was right. In the morning, he deleted the typo and replied with this tweet:

This is classic Trump; make a common mistake that millions of normal Americans make all the time when typing on their phones, wind up deranged lunatic shitlibs, and then drive them over the brink of sanity by poking a little fun at himself. Self-deprecation is most effective when it’s used to defang, belittle, or otherwise show up humorless drones like your garden variety Trump-hating shitlib.

You can bet the bank that if the Gay Mulatto had tweeted the exact tweet Trump sent out in the same circumstances, the autistic screeching crowd would be tripping over themselves with praise and unctuous flattery for the Golden Groid’s good sense of humor and common man’s touch.

Anyhow, the episode is a great real life illustration of two Game principles:

Never Apologize



The two principles taken together form a powerful seduction technique that I’ll call Covfefe Game. The purpose of Covfefe Game is simple: Come across like a confident cocksure jerkboy in the commission of a faux pas while dissipating any potential social awkwardness and deflating the indignation of humorless frumps demanding or expecting your contrition.

In pickup, Covfefe Game is usually evident when an alpha male pushes a little too soon or too hard for sex talk or physical mingling. If the girl objects (often nonverbally) or hurls a shit test because she’s a Level 99 Sass Lass, the alpha male will, most crucially, refrain from apologizing, and follow up with a Trumpian Agree&Amplify, e.g.:

GIRL: I’m not that kind of girl.

MODS! BONEHAMMER!: This is nothing. Wait’ll you see my finishing move.

If the alpha violates some sacred millennial iphag sjw tenet, Covfefe Game will help him come out smelling like roses.

JACKHAMMER OF THE GODS: that neighborhood is ghetto.

LISPING SJW: um, you can’t say that anymore.

JACKHAMMER OF THE GODS: damn, ok. that neighborhood is black as night.

If it’s a minor verbal miscue more along the lines of Trump’s tweet typo, a self-deprecating Covfefe strategy can help there too.

MAXIMUS TESTICULUS: I’m gonna recline poolside in my chaise longue.

PRETENTIOUS DORK: haha you said “chase lounge”. it’s pronounce shaiz long.

MAXIMUS TESTICULUS: Someone’s jealous of my super long lounge chair.

The goal of Covfefe Game is the same whether your target is a cute girl or the Shitlib Cuntsortium: to provoke arousal and make them chase you for validation.

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