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A fat chick was fat-shamed on the internet, but a national scandal was avoided when her boyfriend defended her honor and in return thousands of social media Likes fell upon the lovebirds like high glycemic index manna from heaven.

Boyfriend Restores Faith In Humanity With His Response To Someone Calling His Girlfriend “Fat”


Whenever you read a formulation of “just wait until you read his response”, slip into your biohazard suit because you’re about to be splooged by toxic shitlibbery.

The Fat Girl:

And here comes the PUNCHline….the chivalrous boyfriend:

The funniest outtake from this happy pill sap story leaking out of femmeland was this:

Following this, Tre also became the victim of online hate when he was asked if he had “lost a bet”.

😆 Ok, no but really this was the funniest part:

I believe this young black man is sincere.

The cathartic release all those reality-escaping libfruits have been waiting for:

People from all over the world decided to share their views on the controversial goings on, including Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Madison’s tweet was retweeted more than 43,000 times and liked more than 224,000 times.

Tre’s love and support for his girlfriend was retweeted more than 33,000 times and gained more than 64,000 likes.

The couple even went on to feature in People magazine, where their story was published in newspapers and magazines in England, France, Italy, and all the way in Australia – not forgetting the coverage they received in the U.S.

Ahhhhhh, now doesn’t that feel better, losers? A troll cracked the fuggernaut fantasy facade for a brief shining moment when she reminded the corpulence collective that fat chicks are gross and doomed to rake the mud pits of the sexual market to relieve their existential loneliness, and the glimpse of reality sent the fat acceptance fupa frottage crowd into a rage denial spiral so combustible they shared a mass catharsis over an ungrammatical shit-tier tweet brimming with the moloko plus of empty bromides.

“Your not fat baby. Your perfect. PS GO AWAY I’M BATIN'”

Unsurprisingly, bugwoman nothingburger Chelsea Hubble retweeted Tre’s panegyric to his pachyderm. This horse-choppered spawn of thecunt is headed for great things, I tell ya.

PS What we are witnessing is the rapid evolutionary split of White America into two racial classes, the El-Aloi (pure White and jewish-hybrid globorace) and the Mudlocks (LSMV fat White chicks slapping a saggital-headed horde of mystery meatballs from the comfort of their Walmart cruisers). Some argue this is best for the White race, because a culling of the dregs further purifies and focuses the minds of the milky cream at the top. I disagree. Allowing and even celebrating the racial jettisoning of our worst kin instead of resisting the broken society that encourages their defiant retreat into depravity will have upstream effects that will reverberate for generations, infecting every member of the race from bottom to top.

The best solution is ending the female obesity epidemic so that a vast blight-wing enstupidation doesn’t take hold in our homeland and despoil the natural beauty. Maybe the day will come when we have no choice but to sever ties with our unlucky kin and kith, but for now there’s still time left to ennoble our worst to aspire to something better. But it won’t happen if our currently operative noblesse malice isn’t replaced soon by a return to noblesse oblige.

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I don’t know any formerly slim women whose personalities and politics didn’t get worse the fatter they got. Every additional pound added to the American female obesity epidemic is a vote added for a shitlib candidate.

Which brings me to the CH Sexual Polarity-Revolutionary Momentum Positive Reinforcement Feedback Mechanism Maxim.

CH Maxim #45: If a revolutionary movement is strengthening, you’ll know it by the slimming figures and feminine demeanor of its women and by the muscular development and confident attitude of its men.

And, as I prophesied and CH Maxim #45 predicts, all the uglies, fatties, and androgynes are coalescing into a fetid force of Trump Derangement Syndrome, while the masculine White men and beautiful White women are aligning firmly and tetris-like in pro-Trump solidarity.

You simply cannot disavow the God of Biomechanics.

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A commenter over at the Goodbye, America blog, Theodora, has a great insight about the major difference between fat men and fat chicks.

I think that one big difference between female obesity and male obesity is this: while the health and aesthetics problems are common to both sexes, female obesity is totalitarian. Fat men don’t demand to be called Big Beautiful Boys. They don’t lie themselves that they are voluptuous, gorgeous and curvy. They don’t want to change the standards of beauty existing since the beginning of humanity. They don’t shame and bully thin people (“eat a sandwich!:), they don’t ask to vanity change the sizes of clothes, they don’t ask to erase the word “fat” from public conversations. Fat men usually deal with their problems individually and in silence, while fat women want to change society, dictionaries, standards, reality and human nature to ease the burden of their fatness, acting as true Stalinists in the process.

That’s why the female obesity epidemic is more dangerous than a matter of health and aesthetics, and an affront not only to Beauty, but also to Truth, and well-deserving of the Shiv.

Theodora nailed it, and it’s something I’ve been saying here for a while: the real danger of fat acceptance — a malignant movement largely (heh) spearheaded by women — is the dishonest advocacy against all that is True and Beautiful and Sexy. The fat chick who knows she’s gross looking, and who wants to be thin to be attractive to men once again, is never a target of my shiv. I save my necessary sadism for those fat chicks who lie through their food-laced teeth trying to convince the world to believe 1. they have tons (heh) of men banging down their doors 2. that they don’t suffer any sexual market penalties for being land whales 3. that there’s nothing unhealthy or unappealing about fatness 4. that men prefer fatsos anyhow 5. that indeed fatness is objectively attractive 6. that not only that but fatness is MORE attractive than those stick figure thin girls men are tricked into desiring 7. that society told men to be disgusted by fat chicks and 7. that’s just, like, your opinion you awful no good body-shaming misogynist.

Fat men? They rarely, if ever, lie like fat chicks do about their condition. The shit stream of fat acceptance sophistry — eerily similar to the #SelfLoveWins degenerate freak parade sophistry that characterizes the equalist left — is mostly a female thing, and its effluvium  seems endless….until someone with balls finally calls them out on it and drops a steaming deus vult in their social media ego gratification circle diddle of miserable lying fatties pretending their custom-made reacharound wiping implements aren’t a testament to their great shame and self-abasing dehumanization.

There’s one other notable difference between fat men and fat chicks that helps explain why fat women feel compelled to engage in a quixotic quest to change the world so that their fatness is desirable to quality men:

Fat men really don’t suffer as large a penalty to their romantic fortunes. Male desire is predominately visual-oriented, which means fat chicks whose female forms are buried under layers of disfiguring blubber simply can’t arouse the same ardor in men that thin shapely women who can never be misidentified as a block of cheese can arouse.

Female desire is holistic, meaning that women subconsciously weigh (heh) more factors when judging men for romantic promise. Fatness doesn’t kill a man’s chances for love and romance with nearly the same brutally quick efficiency that  fatness kills a women’s chances for love. I’m not saying fatness is irrelevant to men’s SMV; I’m saying a fat man with compensating attractiveness traits can overcome the SMV handicap of his fatness, which is something that no funny, charming, wealthy, creative, or socially dominant fat woman can ever hope to do for herself.

I think fat women, deep down, know this about themselves. They know their fatness kills romance dead for them. This engenders a lot of resentment and spite in them, which they take out on thin women and men in general, for the equalist sin of having standards and discriminating taste. Because no sin in the Leftoid Equalism Fatty Gooniverse is worse than the sin of revealed judgmentalism. The post-West coddled fat chick would rather go to her early grave railing futilely against the God of Biomechanics than to lose weight and therefore admit to herself that her ugly life and uglier beliefs were a pack of lies all along….and those very bad fat-shaming men like yours truly were right.

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It’s true for most non-r-selected men that female thinness trumps everything else about women’s attractiveness. As a consequence, fat chicks get nosex, nogsex, or dregsex. Them’s the breaks for the bulbous brigade.

It’s also more or less true that as a man’s sexual market options, real or perceived, shrink, his standards loosen to accommodate girls with “cushion for the pushin'”. (Or so he will try to convince himself.) This means, for example, that older men who haven’t any compensatory attractiveness traits will “unexpectedly” discover the latent fuckability of chubby younger women. (But never the fuckability of chubby older women. Even LSMV men have a floor to their mate criteria.)

If options = instability, then lack of options = floating standards.

So we may conclude that shrinking sexual market options from, say, rapidly advancing age or sudden bankruptcy, contribute to men’s willingness to rut with juvenile manatees. But there’s an additional factor at play here. I have gleaned from random conversations I’ve had over the years with buddies that we all agreed there was a time in our lives — middle school to high school — when we exclusively craved the skinny chicks with 0% conspicuous body fat, and wouldn’t look twice at any sweet sixteen girl who had a touch of mature woman plumpness round the hips ass and thighs. (In Lolita, Humbertx2 called these plumply ripe women older than the age of 12, “cows”.)

Then, as we entered our 20s and as our SMVs were rising, our whoreizons BROADened and the allure of egg-laden, exquisitely curvy, hourglass-shaped feminine women became more apparent than it had before. Note that exquisitely curvy doesn’t mean FAT. It means Gal Gadot. Or a randomly chosen Playboy Playmate of the Month.

I suggest this minor male hindbrain phenomenon is related to the subconscious fear in every man that the woman he eventually chooses to make honest will get fat on his watch. The Fear is mostly relevant when considering those women who are marriage material. It doesn’t factor as urgently in short term flings or one night stands, which is why less-than-super-skinny chicks with future porker potential don’t turn off horny men just looking for fun. However, when a man is seeking a life sex partner (so solly, that’s what the marital dotted line amounts to for men), he will shoot for a younger, skinnier woman safe in the knowledge that she will stay desirably thin and fuckable even if she puts on five or ten pounds over the years.

Commenter Days of Broken Arrows explores the same topic:

“If I’m being honest, though, and obviously I’m biased, I think that the skinniness fetish is more a modern thing promoted by the homo fashion industry…”

DoBA: Some of it is. But some of it is also a form of insurance that helps protect against the woman putting on so much weight after you get married that it seems like you’re with a man. I addressed this in a post that disappeared. But you notice this as you get older.

Too many wives of my old high school friends gained weight and cut off all their hair. They now look like drag queens. They’re so masculinized that you’d never guess what they looked like in college.

While marrying a thin woman doesn’t prevent this happening, it makes it a better bet than exchanging vows with a female who is already porking out.

Like I wrote above, when I was a stripling teenlord I wouldn’t notice any girl who had even an exxxtra half pound of fat on her. It was the slimmest babes who grew my meat flue. As I got older, I still was disgusted by fat chicks, but a pound or two in the right places no longer offended my senses with the same intensity. I think that DoBA’s theory is right, we (White) men are programmed to prefer especially skinny chicks when screening for an LTR girlfriend or wife because it’s insurance against them getting too fat when older.

This theory — Skinny Chick Insurance — is related to the concept of women’s “residual reproductive value” (you down with RRV?), which has been discussed at CH. In sum, men prefer younger-than-prime-fertility women and thinner-than-normal-weight-according-to-the-1950-MetLife-weight-tables women because those women give men access to their total fertility window and to the longest time they are at a sexy skinny weight. If a man invests in a woman, he wants that beauty rolling off the lot brand new and the interior smelling like patent virgin leather.

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File under: Too funny

No further shivving, yer honor.

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Women prefer to lay with taller men, generally. There is a visual dominance aspect to this preference that synchronizes with the female craving for men who are socially and psychologically dominating. In short (heh), women like the feeling they get when they literally and figuratively have to look up to men.

Less remarked upon is men’s preference for women smaller than themselves. Far from universal, it is nevertheless a common sight to see a taller/larger/fatter man with a shorter/smaller/thinner woman. Much more common than seeing the inverse.

It used to be thought that the latter was simply a consequence of the former; that is, women choose to be with bigger men than themselves and since women are the choosier sex men don’t choose smaller women so much as men end up with smaller women who have chosen them.

But what if the preference for sex-based size differentials goes both ways? What if men prefer smaller and thinner women as strongly as women prefer bigger men?

Reader Ironsides speculates that, if it exists, a male preference for smaller women is probably an evolved predilection that harkens back to a distant time — and which remains salient today — when size was the integral factor of tribal dominance.

[A smaller woman] also might instinctively indicate a person who won’t be constantly fighting the man for dominance. Instinct may not be fine-grained enough to distinguish a large, muscle-bound creature from a large, blubbery creature. It simply perceives enough bulk to indicate the mass necessary to challenge the male for leadership of the family/pack.

Kind of like how most guys won’t get in an LTR with a woman taller than they are — and how they often seem to be the subject of mockery or scorn when they do. See, for example, the view of Scalzi’s home life on this site.

Scalzied’s wife is not just taller than him, she’s bigger too. She looks like she could break Scalzi over her knee. And he’s the type of blobby shitlib goober who’d brag about that.

A large female may simply trigger a hard-wired “rival, not mate” reaction, even if the largeness is helpless blubber rather than muscle. Or at least, triggers a “what is it?” reaction from the instincts, which might be even more fundamentally unsettling than a straight-up “this is a rival” response.

So men have two good subconscious Darwinian reasons to reject fat chicks: fatties have lower fertility, and can be mistaken for dominance rivals. Or resource hogs (heh).

It’s an interesting supposition, but I think it goes even deeper than Ironside’s Fatties As Assumed Rival Theory (FaART), to the sexual dynamic always present between man and woman. Smaller women (relative to the man they’re with) appear more vulnerable and in need of protection. This female vulnerability adds a layer of pleasure to a man’s arousal, because men (White men at least) have evolved a wintry instinct to provide for a woman and any children they may have together. Big ol horsewomen don’t trigger that response in men. That’s why betafag low T losers like scalzi glom onto amazons….those kind of weak men prefer to be in the role of the vulnerable partner, mentally fapping to their own powerlessness.

All these calculations are subconscious (or fleetingly conscious). The grunt work to ensure our reproductive success on this earth is done by the tiny imbued survival and replication motors in our hindbrain architecture built and powered by our genes. On the poolside level of awareness, it’s all about the custard cannon. Men don’t like big-n-fat chicks because they look disgusting and sex with them feels gross. That’s really all the justification the God of Biomechanics needs to get His dirty work done.

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It’s generally a good idea to avoid those with indiscriminate tastes and passions. The wind blows them whither, and the buffet table bloats them thither. AKA NO FAT CHICKS.

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